My Lady, The Choice Of The Man To Marry, What Should Influence Your Choice? Part 2.

In part one of the series, we saw how one lady lost out in marrying a very rich young man because she thought the man was living in a Boys Quarters.

I wish to say that some ladies are equally guilty of similar actions as the lady in question in our story in part one. I said this because some ladies despise promising young men simply because they may still be struggling in life.

Some ladies, all they want are ready-made husbands and refuse to pay attention to young men who are yet to make it in life. I still ask you “what should influence your choice of a man to accept his hands in marriage”?

Moreover, some ladies accept or refuse to marry men without the slightest knowledge of the men. I personally counsel young ladies that what should be their first consideration about any man is that they know the man and his character. (more…)

Absolutely, Your Marriage Was Not A Mistake. Part 1.

In our society today, there are couples going through various crises in their marriages. As a result, some have the impression or misconception  that their marriage was a mistake.

Some months ago, I confronted one lady whose marriage has lasted for only three years. The lady somewhere had busted in tears saying, “I didn’t know that John was like that, if I knew, I won’t have married him”.

The lady further said, “My marriage to john was a huge mistake I regretted ever marrying him” I interrupted her and said “absolutely you can’t prove to me  that your marriage was a mistake”

Of a truth, that lady was mad at me for saying that because she thought that I was supporting her husband. I invited her to my office as I stood my ground that I will prove to her that her marriage was not a mistake. (more…)

My Lady, The Choice Of The Man To Marry, What Should Influence Your Choice?

Today in our society and in real life, the choice of whom to marry is one of the up vile tasks of young men and women who are desiring to marry..

In reality, some people, after few years of their marriage, they look back to appreciate and thank God for the man or woman they married as husband or wife.

However, some other people look back with tears of regret as some claim that they made mistakes in the men or women they got married to.

Like one lady busted in tears saying, “My marriage to Mathew was a mistake, if I have known that he was like that, I won’t have married him” (more…)

Run, Run And Run For Your Life And Avoid Entering Into Covenant With Lucifer.

I have taken time to write on altars and covenants. We saw from the previous posts that the reasons for most of the calamities and sufferings some are sufferings today are the results of breaking certain evil covenants our ancestors had entered into on our behalf on certain altars some years or centuries ago.

As a result of breaking such evil covenants unknowingly, witches and wizards or evil forces are making covenants demands on us. Only few people have come to realize the issues and have succeeded breaking off from such evil covenants.

Also, I have taken time to warn you in several posts of the danger of ignorantly entering into evil covenants yourself of which one of the most dangerous evil covenants is the covenants entered into with Lucifer himself. (more…)