Your Success And Breakthrough Are Never Over Until You Say They Are Over.

It is said, “Success and breakthrough in life are possible” for someone who believes and accept that it is possible for him or her to be successful.

In others, for this to be a reality, one must believe in him or herself and accept that it is possible.

Until you have faith in yourself and believe in yourself that those who are experiencing success and breakthrough in their lives, that they do not have two heads neither are we endured less by the Almighty GOD.

One of the major reason they had success and breakthrough in life was because they grabbed and utilized their GOD giving opportunities that came their way.

This post is aimed at motivating us and as well prepare us to be able to recognize and accept or grab our own opportunities when it will appear..

The first thing we should do is to change our thought about success and breakthrough. One of the reasons why we don’t or may never experience real success and breakthrough is because of our thinking pattern.

As long as our thought is dwelling on the negatives or failures and keep given excuses and reasons why we could not have success and breakthrough, we may never achieve real success and breakthrough.

That is why I like one popular TV comedy and the slogans the comedian keeps using “To be a millionaire, think like a millionaire”.

That is why we are counseled to think success and breakthrough thoughts if we are to experience breakthrough and success in every area of our lives.

To this end, I wish that you take note of the following sayings or facts:
(1) Success and breakthrough is a journey and never a destination.
(2) Our present state or situation is never our final destination unless you accept and make it so.
(3) The background of our birth should never deter us from becoming who GOD has destined us to be in life.

That is why I keep saying that our breakthrough in life is never over until it is over and you are the one to decide when it should be over.

It is a known fact, some people were born with a golden spoon in their mouth, and some were born with a silver spoon and some with a bronze spoon.

But there are some who were born without any spoon but rose up and took life by force and today they are dining with a golden spoon.

Another fact that we should note is that the success and breakthrough of others are never the reason why we will not have success and breakthrough.

That will never be responsible or prevent us from achieving breakthrough and success. In fact, we stand to learn from the breakthrough and success of others for us to have our own success and breakthrough.

The following example from the BIBLE will prove to you that we can make it and have a breakthrough despite all odds against us.

We can see the example in Judges Chapter 11:1-11; “Now Jephthah the Gileadite was a mighty man of valor, but he was The Son Of A Harlot, and Gilead begot Jephthah.

Gilead’s wife bore sons; and when his wife’s sons grew up, they drove Jephthah out, and said to him, “You shall have no inheritance in our father’s house for you are the son of another woman.”

Then Jephthah fled from his brothers and dwelt in the land of Tob, and worthless men banded together with Jephthah and went out raiding with him.

It came to pass after a time that the people of Ammon made war against Israel. And so it was, when the people of Ammon made war against Israel, that the elders of Gilead went to get Jephthah from the land of Tob.

Then they said to Jephthah, “Come and be our commander that we may fight against the people of Ammon.”

So Jephthah said to the elders of Gilead, “Did you not hate me, and expel me from my father’s house? Why have you come to me now when you are in distress?”

And the elders of Gilead said to Jephthah, “That is why we have turned again to you now, that you may go with us and fight against the people of Ammon and be our head over all the inhabitants of Gilead.”

So Jephthah said to the elders of Gilead, “If you take me back home to fight against the people of Ammon, and the LORD delivers them to me, shall I be your head?”

And the elders of Gilead said to Jephthah, “The LORD will be a witness against us if we do not do according to your words.”

From the story above, Jephthah was an illegitimate child and worse still, his mother was a harlot who was so despised by the other children of his father and was chased away.

But he trained himself and became a warrior and that made him be relevant, and because of his relevance, he was sought after when a need arises.

You see our success and breakthrough in life most often comes when there is a need and we are there to fill that need. Once we are able to fill that need satisfactorily, that will announce us to our world.

In other words, you must prove yourself relevance in fulfilling a need in our society. Individually, you should make an effort and train yourselves in order to make yourselves relevance.

Once you are relevant in the society, breakthrough and success will surely be your portion.

Above all, we must look unto GOD and trust HIM to see us through because when HIS favor is upon us, only a little effort could push us to have a breakthrough and success in life.

Never think you will have true success and breakthrough by engaging in things that are against GOD and the society at large. See you at the top. Shalom!

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