What Could Make This Parent Kill And Dismember Their 12-Year-Old Daughter?

The parents of a teenage girl killed her and dismembered the body before appearing on a national TV show and asking the public to find their missing daughter, according to police in North Carolina.

Rowan County prosecutors said that a grand jury has indicted the parents, 44-year-old Sandy Parsons and 43-year-old Casey Parsons, for killing the 12-year-old daughter, Erica Parsons.

Both parents have been charged with murder, child abuse, inflicting serious bodily injury, concealment of death, and obstruction of justice.

If convicted, they face life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Sandy and Casey are currently serving sentences in federal prison after being convicted of fraud for accepting federal benefits for Erica after her death.

According to the police investigation, Erica’s siblings told investigators that the girl disappeared sometime in 2011.

Two years later, Erica’s brother decided to call the police and report the girl missing.

Sandy and Casey then went on the Dr. Phil show and begged the public to find their missing daughter.

The couple cried and said that they had no idea what happened to their daughter.

Late last year, Sandy decided to reveal where they buried Erica’s remains.

She led investigators to an area in Chesterfield County, South Carolina, where Erica’s remains were found in a shallow grave.

An autopsy showed that the girl died of homicidal violence.

Her organs were removed and destroyed.

While living with her parents, Erica was fed dog food.

She was beaten with a belt buckle, choked, and her fingers were bent backward.

Her arms were reportedly broken.

Erica was malnourished, suffered from kidney failure, and blood poisoning.

Sandy and Casey had several other children but they were treated nicely.

source: http://www.worldwideweirdnews.com/2018/02/parents-killed-dismembered-12-year-old-daughter-going-dr-phil-show-begging-people-find.html


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