Understanding The Issue Or Mystery Of Spirit Husband/Wife

From statistics and from all intent and purpose, this topic about the issue of spirit husband/wife is the most widely read article on this site. I believe that the reason is that people seek to know more about this mystery.

Moreover, in this world today, this issue of spirit husband/wife has widely debated among the Christendom whether It exists or not. Some said it is a trick, some said it is a fallacy and utter nonsense while others say it is a mystery and a reality.

Those who don’t believe in spirit husband/wife go about to teach against it with all intent and purpose.While those who believe and accept its reality try to do so by producing overwhelming evidence to back up their belief.

Whatever be the case, the fact still remains solid, “truth is the truth no matter who is in favor of it or against it.” A fact you don’t accept or believe does not remove that thing from being a fact.

Also that you believe and accept something as well does not make it a fact or truth.

Pastor Conrad Mbewe regarded the issue of spirit husband/wife as nothing but utter nonsense and as he puts it on his website http://www.conradmbewe.com/2013/03/the-nonsense-of-spiritual-husbands-and.html

I wish to say that Pastor Conrad Mbewe in his writing made use of a wrong term, instead of spirit husband he called it spiritual husband. For any husband to be highly spiritual, the man can be said to be a spiritual husband. 

The term spirit husband and spiritual husband have a quite different meaning. Every husband should aspire to be spiritual which is not bad as compared to a spirit husband which refers to a negative spirit being possing and relating to women as a natural husband.   

From the look of a thing, the pastor cited above seem to be talking with such an authority on the matter yet he never dealt with the issue but rather ended up displaying his ignorance on the subject matter.

An ignorant man dismisses an issue or mystery he doesn’t understand with a wave of a hand. That is why Pastor Conrad called the issue nonsense.

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God lamented in Psalms 82:5 –7 “They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course.

I have said, ye are gods, and all of you are children of the MostHigh. But ye shall die like men and fall like one of the princes.

That is to say, it is highly unfortunate that people who ought to understand fail to understand.

That is the reason why they ended up deceiving their congregation on the matter because they themselves are deceived.

For emphasis, the issue of spirit husband/wife is a spiritual matter and you must be deep in the spirit to understand it because it is a mystery.

Being a mystery, you may never understand it unless you are well versed in demonology before you can understand and explain it.

So as men of God, we should stop where our knowledge can carry us and should never teach or dismiss a mystery we don’t understand before we end up deceiving people who trust us to give them direction.

In other words, to dismiss spirit husband/wife and say it is a trick and nonsense is like saying that demon is a trick and nonsense.

It is highly unfortunate that a minister of GOD could use his natural understanding to explain a mystery that is not in the Bible.

And to do so is to err because to deny that spirit husband/wife does not exist is to deny that demons do not exist.

As said, if you are not a deliverance minister or you are versed in demonology, you may find it difficult to understand or explain the issue or mystery of spirit husband or wife.

Myself, I am neither of the two, but I am a close follower of ministers of GOD that are gifted in deliverance cases.

Please take a time to watch any of the following Television stations and you will be left without any iota of doubt as to the existence or otherwise of spirit husband/wife.
1. Emmanuel TV (owned by The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations) and GOD’S general TBJ is in charge.

2. Champion TV(owned by Champions Royal Assembly Church) and Pastor Joshua Iginla in charge.

3. Mercy TV(owned by The Christ Mercy land Deliverance Ministry) and Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin.

4. Liberation TV(owned by The Mountain Of Liberation And Miracle Ministries (a.k.a Liberation City) and Pastor(Dr.) Chris Okafor in charge.

5. ( Success TV(owned by global success ministries) and Pastor Dr. Emmanuel Chima Okereke, and more.

If you watch closely the above television stations, you will see the manifestation of demonic spirits and their various confessions.

During deliverance of men and women, the spirit in them used to fight back demanding that these deliverance ministers of GOD should leave their husband or wife alone.

When a demon spirit is speaking through the mouth of a man, claiming that the man is her husband or a spirit speaking through the mouth of a woman claiming that the woman is his wife. So what do you call such a spirit being?

My dear, that you don’t believe in the mystery of spirit husband/wife as a result of not having its revelation does not make you a less man of GOD.

In other words, you should avoid teaching what you don’t know or understand.

Again, it is very very wrong of you to label fellow ministers of GOD who have the revelation of a mystery and teaches those mysteries as false teachers of the BIBLE.

Also, I recommend that you take a time and watch  Mount Zion movie titled “Captive of the Mighty” and you will see the issue of spirit husband dramatized.

My final word in this segment is that you should mind your own calling and GOD’S given assignment.

You should leave other ministers of GOD to carry out their own assignment. Equally, you should avoid criticizing other men of God doing their own assignments.

How do you know or is sure that you are the one that is right and the other ministers are wrong? What if?

To learn more about spirit husband or spirit wife, visit (1) http://www.deliveranceplace.com/stronghold.html

(2) https://www.facebook.com/notes/apostle-detrick-l-gaskins/spiritual-wives-husbandsby-apostle-dl-gaskins/10151086726822940

(3) http://johnobadiya.blogspot.com.ng/2010/08/you-can-be-free-from-spiritual-husband.html

End of part one of the discourse, but don’t leave without reading the second and the concluding part. GO HERE to read the part two.

I hope that this post has challenged you to go back and seek the face of GOD for clarification and understanding of the issue or mystery of spirit husband or spirit wife. Shalom.

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