Top Secrets For Enjoyment Of A Successful And Exciting Marriage 2

This is the concluding part of the series “top secrets for enjoying a successful and exciting marriage”. Hope you have read the part one of the series?

If not, GO HERE to read part one for a better understanding of the topic as this is a continuation of part one.

Strive to forgive and forget: Some crises in marriage results from un-forgiveness. Un-forgiveness among couple causes great harm to their relationship as there are many couples are indeed harboring the spirit of unforgiveness in them.

I once settled a quarrel between a couple and it took the woman more than two minutes to recount all the wrong doing the husband has been doing to her.

The husband used almost the same minutes to recount his own. In fact, I got tired listening to them. In the end, I told them that I would like to have a look at their dairy where they recorded all that they told me, but each claimed not to be having a diary.

I told them that they are a good historian, to have remembered all these wrongs done by their partner while they could not remember up to five good things their partner did for them.

I pointed out to them that they have no problem if they would try to forgive each other and forget. Their problems resulted from their keeping malice and records of an evil done to them.

As that couple succeeded in forgiving and clearing their records of an evil done to them, their marriage started blossoming.

So learn to forgive each other assuming your spouse had stepped on your toe and never keep records of evil if you are to enjoy a successful and exciting marriage.

Pay attention to the happiness of your spouse: Intimacy is one of the backbones that sustains marriage relationship between couples.

But you can never build an intimacy if you don’t create time and pay attention to the happiness of your spouse.

As a matter of principle, your spouse should be your best friend and best of friends do things together. Many couples had overgrown eating food in a dining together, bathing together or sleeping in the same bed together.

Do you know that some men have no time for their wives? The only time they have for her is when it is time for love making.

You can never sustain intimacy that way, so couples, learn to create time and pay attention to each other.

Often go outing together if you are not used to doing so, such as to amusement parks or other sightseeing, it goes a long way to building intimacy.

Learn how to communicate well: It is unfortunate and I am sorry to say it, some couples use foul language on themselves. Some call each other by their names, these doesn’t show maturity and good marriage relationship.

It is not that calling your spouse by his/her name is wrong but at the same time, it does not show intimacy, love and friendship.

Couples who are intimate and communicates well easily, quickly and amicably settle their differences more than those with poor communication.

Above all, Men love your wives, women respect your husbands: Viewing marriage relationship in the light of the BIBLE, this is fundamental for successful marriage relationships. A man who loves his wife will pamper her and will never raise his hands to beat her.

While a woman who respects her husband will never open her mouth to abuse him.

A man who loves his wife and the wife respects him; the couple is on stepping stone to the enjoyment of a successful and exciting marriage relationship.


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