To Fulfill Your Marital Destiny, Don’t Be Afraid To Get Married 2

This is the second part of the series “To Fulfill Marital Destiny, Don’t Be Afraid To Get Married part 2, I hope you have read part one?

If not you need to read part one for a better understanding of this topic. In part one,  TO READ PART ONE, GO HERE:

I pointed out in part one that one of the reasons why some men refuse to get married is fear, fear of the unknown of the future.

Moreover, men who came from broken homes or homes where there are constant quarrels, in fighting or other marital anomalies seems to have this fear inbuilt from their childhood.

They grew up thinking and believing that women are generally bad and tend to scare of marriage.

They are afraid that what they observed their father suffered in the hands of their mother is what they may end up suffering.

This fear may not emanate from home directly but from observation of what happened with the marriage of their parents and neighbors close to them, how they lived their marital lives.

They have observed series of marriage failures, and as such, they grew up with this fear, that what have seen in the marriage of their parents or neighbors they could end up with similar marriage failures as well.

Another reason is Economic Fear: Fear that he don’t have enough money to marry.

In fact, this is equally strong in that it had prevented and is preventing many from getting married.

Some claim that they found it difficult taking care of them self and as such don’t wish to add the responsibilities of bringing a woman as wife in their house to take care of.

Way forward: I used to say it, no two individuals are exactly the same and as such, no two marriages can ever be the same.

This is because we have differences in makeup and possess different temperaments, even if you are a twin, your twin brother may have a marriage failure but your own marriage may be a super success.

All you need to do is to determine that your marriage must be a success no matter what.

In addition, cures or spell may be responsible for the series of marriage failures in your family lineage.

For instance, I had an encounter a young man, according to him, his grandfather had a marriage failure, his father had a marriage failure.

Currently his three elder brothers are having serious issues with their marriages. He was afraid that he as well will surely have issues with marriage, so he refused to marry.

After sharing his fears with me and I told him that I suspect a curse or a spell that is operating in his family, and advised him to ask his father.

True to my suspicion, his father told him that their grandfather broke the heart of one woman who he divorced after the woman had toiled with him and helped him to be wealthy.

According to his father, the woman died heartbrokenly but before her death, she placed a curse on their grandfather that he and his children after him will never enjoy a peaceful marriage.

That happened many years ago, but I told him that the curses could travel many years or generation.

The summary was that they invited a spiritual and powerful man of GOD who visited their family and broke the curse.

To prove that the curse was the problem, that week after the curse was broken; his three elder brothers reconciled with their wives they sent parking earlier and brought them back to their house. So ensure that no curse is operating in your family lineage.

Economic reason or fear, it was one-time pastor of my local church (Pastor Chuka Agwuegbo) who kept saying to young men in his church that it takes the heart and courage to marry more than it takes money.

During his time as pastor, he encouraged many bachelors, and they got married.

Finally my own story: I got married late myself because of the lady I proposed to marry took more than a year to accept my proposal.

Before she accepted, I had enrolled to do my Masters Degree Program at a university and I told her that marriage had to wait until I finish the program.

Of a truth, I had basically nothing then when I wanted to marry but had the heart to marry. The lady in question broke the relationship as she refused to go ahead to marry me.

As a result, I had to wait another two years before I got married to my present wife.

When I started the marriage process with the lady I married today, I was living in one room apartment but moved to two bedroom apartment two weeks before my wedding.

In less than six months into our marriage, we moved to two bedrooms flat apartment.

Today less than five years of my marriage, I am living in my own apartment in the heart of Old G.R.A.

My upward movement was because I strongly believed what the Bible said in Proverbs 18:22”He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the LORD.”

Moreover, the wife I married is a virtuous woman so the favor of GOD came upon me after marriage and every closed door opened for me.

What I am saying is that you should never allow fear to prevent you from getting married.

Pray seriously and trust GOD to guide you in making the right choice of the woman to marry.

The favor and blessings of GOD will surely locate you after your marriage as It located me. Shalom.

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