The Ten Types Of Husbands, Let’s Meet Them

In our society today, men may be distinguished into ten types of husbands. Definitely, every man falls into one of them. As long as you are married and are a husband, you fall into one of the categories.

1: The first of such is called Bachelor Husbands: When you meet the bachelor husbands, one distinguishing factor about them is that they do things on their own without consulting their wives. They hang out a lot with friends more than they hang out with their wives and are never serious about marriage life.

2: Secondly, after Bachelor Husband, we have the Acidic Husband. One major thing about them is that they are always boiling like acid and always angry violent, moody, dominating and very dangerous.

Acidic husbands, their wives, and children are only at freedom when he is not around and when he comes or drives home in the evening or at night, everybody force themselves to bed. Moreover, Acidic Husbands, their wives, and children are always afraid to approach or ask them for anything

3: After the Acidic Husbands, meet the Slave Husbands: When you meet the slave husbands, one thing about them is that they wants to be treated like kings but they treats wives like slaves.

Whenever slave Husbands appears, tasks masters has appeared and they like their wives to perform the old tradition of respects and they hate being called by their first name.

4: Here comes the General Husbands: The General Husbands gets their name from their general behaviors; they are husbands for every woman. General Husbands loves and cares for other women like girlfriends more than they care for their own wives. They like giving money to girlfriends and have more female friends.

5: After the general husband we get the Dry Husbands: The Dry Husbands are always very moody and stingy and they don’t consider wife’s emotions, doesn’t make the relationship enjoyable and has no sense of humor.

6: The Panadol Husbands: As the name suggests, Panadol is a brand of medicine used to relieve pains, so Panadol Husbands uses their wives as problem solvers. They only love their wives when needing something from them. They are clever and know their wives weaknesses and capitalize on that to get relievers from their wives.

7: Meet the Parasite Husbands: Also as the name suggests, Parasitic Husbands are parasitic in nature, they are lazy and they only loves their wives for the sake of money. One folly thing about parasitic husbands is that they use wives money on girlfriends. They are no initiative and does not help the wife with house responsibilities.

8: Also let us meet Baby Husbands: The Baby Husbands are full grown men but their behaviors are irresponsible. Such men, their actions or behaviors are so childish and they can’t make decisions on their own without asking their father/mother or relatives. They compare their wives to relatives and runs to them always if something goes wrong.

9: The visiting Husbands: The visiting Husbands are not always at home as they come home as a visitor. Such men, they provide their families all material things but has no time for them.

10: Lastly the Loving and Caring Husbands: Meet lastly the Loving and Caring Husbands. The Loving and Caring husbands provide the material and emotional needs of their family. They as well make time for their family.

The loving and caring husbands guide their home spiritually and are very responsible and treat their wives as partners and helpers.

My dear men, of all the mentioned type of men, which type of husbands, are you and for the ladies, which is your type of husband?

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