The 6 Types Of Marriages That Are Likely To Fail

A young man and a lady came to see me yesterday to inform me that they are getting married. As I looked at them, I could see them bobbling with enthusiasm. They are bubbling with enthusiasm because they have high hopes and are full of expectations.

Yes, this is an obvious fact “we all entered marriage relationships with high hope of having a happy and exciting marriage”. But in reality, while some are enjoying their marriages to the fullness, while some marriages are dragging; some have collapsed while greater numbers are on the verge of collapse.

The point is that if couples knew what they ought to know about marriage and as well apply the correct principles that make for successful and exciting marriages, their own marriages will be successful and exciting. However, there are many things couples are doing in their marriages that will surely cause their marriages to collapse.

If you analyze closely some failed marriages that have failed, you will surely see some of these elements of what caused such marriages to collapse. So if such elements are in your own marriage, you should take drastic actions to avoid your own marriage from crashing.

In other words, we shall be looking at 6 types of marriages you don’t need any prophet to tell you that they are likely to fail.

First is marrying a selfish partner: There are couples, the main reason they entered into marriage relationship is the result or aim of what to get out of their marriage and not what to give out. Such couples, you always see them complain and accuse their spouses of doing this or not doing that. Such selfish partners are never satisfied by the actions of their partner.

That is to say, the reason why marriages of such couples fail is that when such partner fails to get enough of what they desired from their marriage, they call it a quit. So if you happened to be married to a selfish partner, know for sure that your marriage may surely fail unless he or she changes his or her attitude.

Secondly, is marrying a manipulator: There are couples, because of their selfishness; they do everything to manipulate their partners to do their biddings. Some women even apply some unconventional means such as juju, charm, and spells to control their partners.

So, such couples, when they feel that they failed in manipulating their spouses, they call it a quit. If you happen to have married a manipulator, the only reason the marriage is still holding is that you are still yielding to his or her manipulation. The very moment you react or refuse to be manipulated, that may signal the end of such marriage.

Thirdly is marrying a hard to please man or woman: You should pray that you don’t get married to a man or woman who is hard to please. Such men or women, their partners may be dying in silence, doing everything they know or could do to please them, but the more they try, the more it appears as if they have not started.

Hard to please men or women are quick to compare their spouses with other ladies or men they see in town and because they are not always satisfied with their spouses, and they always find faults with their partners, and sooner than later, they abandon their spouses for someone they feel is better.

Such men or women, they always demand more from their partners. The moment they feel that they are not getting much from their spouse, they call such marriage a quit. That is why marriages of hard to please men or women hardly survive.

The next is when you get married to a man or woman who is not marriageable: Again pray that you don’t get married to an unmarriageable man or woman. Recently I was watching Emmanuel TV and a man was lamenting that since he got married to his wife – a princess, he has been suffering. His wife doesn’t know how to cook or take care of the house.

According to the man, the only time he enjoys a good meal is if he goes to the kitchen to prepare such food even though his wife is around in the house. Most a time, the man is the one who goes to the kitchen to wash plates and tidy the kitchen.

Of a truth, the very reason that marriage has survived is that the man has the time and grace to do all these things in the house, his wife is an unmarriageable material. But for how long do you think such a man will go on with such a marriage? 

There are men who are not marriageable. I read about one such a man in

In that site, a woman sent this to Dr. Tobin, “I have been married nine years and we have four children, three boys, and one girl. I feel that my husband is very self-centered. He is a full-time public defender who puts no effort into child care or maintaining the home. He also puts no time into our marriage”.

The fifth type is marrying a contentious and an angry woman: If you are a man, GOD ‘save your soul” that you don’t get married to what the Bible calls a contentious and an angry woman. See Proverbs 21:19 which says, “It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman”.

Also Proverbs 25:24 says, “It is better to dwell in the corner of the housetop, than with a brawling woman and in a wide house”. It is a known fact, marriages of contentious and angry women hardly survive as men in such marriages run for their lives from such marriages or else the men will die before their time.

Lastly and the sixth type is marrying a partner with body odor: I pointed out the issue of body odor in one of my earlier article “Top reasons why some marriages May surely fail. (2)”. Marrying a partner with body odor, such marriages hardly survive. You can read the following to see what happened in reality:

If you are still single and planning to marry, pray that you don’t get any of the above mentioned as a wife or husband or else your marriage will be heading for a failure in due time.

However, if you happened to be in such a marriage relationships unless something drastic is done to remedy the situation, your marriage may likely hit the rock.


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