The 4 Questions Ladies Who Wish And Desire To Marry Very Soon Should Ask And Answer.

In our society today, some ladies, if you ask them their utmost heart desire, they will tell you that their desire is to marry soonest and settle down with the husband of theirs.

For some of the ladies in their late twenties and early thirties, worries have started to set in their mind as they are afraid if they will ever get married in life? They wish to know what to do to get married soonest as to settle down in marriage.

In other words, one of the reasons why you are still single, reasons you are yet to marry or get a man to marry you is because you don’t know what it takes to get a man say I want to marry you.

You will agree with me that before a man will look at you and genuinely say I will like to marry you and meant it, you may have made a deep impression in his life that he desires to marry you.

If you desire and wish to marry soon, in the first instance, you must first and foremost carry out a critical analysis of your life/person and situation by asking and answering to yourself the following questions:

(1) Do I possess the qualities of a marriageable lady? If I do, why are men not coming to me for marriage?
(2) Do I have what it takes to get a man desire to marry me?
(3) If a man should marry me today, will the man be proud and happy that he married me?
(4) If a man should marry me today, will I be an asset or a liability to the man?

Your sincere answers to the above questions are necessary if you wish to marry very soon. Looking at question one: Some ladies, even though they are desirous to get married, they are not a marriage material and men see them that way. That is why men are not coming to marry them.

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A man needs to be convinced beyond all reasonable doubt that you possess the qualities of marriage materials before he genuinely approaches you for marriage. In a situation, men don’t see qualities of marriage materials in you, no wonder they look the other way when it comes to the issue of marriage.

The solution for the above is for ladies to work on themselves to ensure that possess the qualities that make the ladies marriage material. Once you prove yourself that you are a marriage material, men will come for you for marriage.

A look at Question Two: “Do I have what it takes to get a man to marry me”? I talked much about packaging in some of my other posts 

Some ladies, the way they package themselves, you wonder if they will ever get men to marry them. My lady, you need to pay extreme attention to the way you package yourself if you want men to struggle to marry you.

In other words, you need to package yourself to prove to men that you possess what it takes for men to marry you. I know of a lady, after schooling her on packaging, three men appeared and started to pester her for marriage. She is happily married to one of the men.

The number three Questions: If a man should marry me today, will the man be proud and happy that he married me? Problem with some ladies is that they focus much attention on the quality of men they want to marry while failing to ask themselves whether that quality of men will find them appealing as to want to marry them.

This goes hand in hand with packaging; you should focus your attention on yourself by working on yourself. You should prove to yourself that you are a quality marriage material. Believe it or not, when men see that you are of quality in character and other things, they will strive to be the one to marry you.

Also the fourth Question: If a man should marry me today, will I be an asset or a liability to the man? Those who went to school and are working class ladies have passed partially this question. But some, they are so lazy that if they should marry, men who marry them are marrying bundles of liabilities.

So if you wish to marry very soon, you need to prove to men that you are and will continue to be assets to the man who ends up marrying you. Believe me, when a man is convinced that you are an asset and will continue to be an asset, he will come for you for marriage.

Finally, ladies who desire and wish to marry should read the story of the marriage of Rebekah as can be seen in Genesis 24:42-46 And I came this day unto the well, and said, O LORD God of my master Abraham, if now thou do prosper my way which I go:

Behold, I stand by the well of water; and it shall come to pass, that when the virgin cometh forth to draw water, and I say to her, Give me, I pray thee, a little water of thy pitcher to drink;

And she says to me, Both drink thou, and I will also draw for thy camels: let the same be the woman whom the LORD hath appointed out for my master’s son.

And before I had done speaking in mine heart, behold, Rebekah came forth with her pitcher on her shoulder; and she went down unto the well, and drew water: and I said unto her, Let me drink, I pray thee.

And she made haste, and let down her pitcher from her shoulder, and said, Drink, and I will give thy camels drink also: so I drank, and she made the camels drink also.

My lady, realize that men looking for wives are watching you, such men have at the back of their mind the qualities of ladies they want for wives. Once a man sees the qualities he is looking for in you, he will surely come for you for marriage.

Problem with ladies is that instead of working on themselves as to developing certain qualities in themselves, they are busy cheeping themselves before men by throwing themselves on men.

Please hear and hear it very well, you are wrong or mistaken to think that you will get a man to marry you by jumping to bed with any man that shows up. By doing so, what you are proving to men is that you are a cheap article.

Ladies who possess character and are quality marriage material; they are not easily conquered in bed without genuine and strong marriage commitment from men. That is why they don’t want men for marriage.

My lady, tackle these four questions and I will be happy to receive your email that you got married after applying information got from this post. I pray for you and see you very soon in your befitting husband’s home



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