Thank God, I Finally Got Married At Last

Since I started writing and posting articles on the net, it had been my heart desire and pray that as more and more people get to know and implement the suggestions I gave in different posts, they will have their own testimony and story to tell just like this lady that sent me an email some time ago.

This was an email I received some time from a lady who implemented the suggestions I gave in one of my posts. I am publishing this message with her approval or permission.

The following are her very words: Dear princevinco, thank GOD I finally got married at last. By way of introduction, I am Sandra (real name removed to ensure her privacy) I am 32 years old.

I started having marriage suitors at the early age of 24, but none materialized as I keep having disappointment upon disappointments.

In fact, it came a time I almost lost hope of ever getting married. But the event of my last disappointment nearly cost my life as I nearly committed suicide.

The man who was to marry me did not show up on the day of our traditional marriage despite all the arrangements/preparations and invitations.

After the last disappointment, I locked myself inside a room refusing to come out for days. But thank GOD for a friend who visited and shared with me a link to one of your post, encouraging me to read articles by princevinco that she used to read materials from my site herself.

After overcoming the trauma, I took courage and visited your site and after glancing through the various topics, “you and the spirit husband/wife” really captured my interest.

And after reading that article, it was done on me that spirit husband may have been responsible for series of disappointments I had in the past.

Following your advice about presenting yourself for a spiritual check as you called it, I decided to present myself for deliverance and I traveled from East to a church in Abuja.

That Sunday, I didn’t understand fully what happened or what I said; all that I know was that I found myself on the ground near the altar of that church.

After I got up, I was told that “spirit husband” was inside me and that the spirit made some horrible confessions of how it prevented me from getting married by chasing away all the men who wanted to marry me in the past.

That very Sunday, after my deliverance, I met a man who came to that church from Lagos and got delivered himself as well, and we exchanged our phone numbers.

The man was 38 and never married though he had all the means because spirit wife prevented him.

To cut the long story short, the man fell in love with me and within 3 months, he came and paid my bride prize and the next month we got wedded in a church. Currently, I am currently living together with him in Lagos Nigeria.

Of a truth, I was over joyous after reading her mail and I rejoiced with her in her marriage. I equally hope that others will equally benefit from her testimony and the information from my website: www.destiny

However, I wish to point out something, the article was beneficial to her because she implemented the information she received.

if you only read the articles without implementing the suggestions it will do you no good.

Finally, I still want to repeat it; spirit husband could be the negative forces that preventing or delaying you from getting married, so don’t dismiss the matter with a wave of hand.

I advise you to do something with your life before it is too late. Why not follow the example this lady and present yourself for “spiritual check” to be double sure that no spirit husband is hiding inside of you. You have nothing to lose to do so if spirit husband is not in you.

For guidance, the following churches are few of the churches in Nigeria that handle deliverance which you can visit for spiritual check up and possible deliverance

(1) Christy Mercy Land, Warri, Delta State Nigeria.(prophet Jeremiah Omoto)
(2) Champion Royal Assembly, Abuja( Prophet Joshua Iginla)
(3) Jesus Christ the healer church of all nation, Lagos Nigeria(prophet Charles Anakwe)
(4) Liberation Ministries Lagos, Nigeria(Dr. Chris Okafor)
(5) Global Success Ministeries, Lagos Nigeria(Dr. Emmanuel Chima Okereke) and more.

Remember, it is my desire and prayer to see you get married and settle in your husband’s place. Shalom.

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