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Making The Year 2018 Your Year Of Marital Breakthrough

You are highly welcome to the year 2018. That you are still alive in the land of the living is evidence that God had not finished with you. To this end, no matter how your marriage had fared in the year 2017, you can turn it around in the year 2018 as you consciously make the year 2018 your year of marital breakthrough.

In other words, we shall be looking at what to do to make the year 2018 your year of marital breakthrough. To do so, the starting point is first and foremost by taking a conscious analysis of how your marriage fared previous years especially 2017, to what extent did you enjoy your marriage in 2017? Read more »

My Lady, Making 2018 Your Year Of Marital Breakthrough.

My lady, you are welcome to the year 2018. Recently, I was listening to a message by Bishop David Oyedepo on MP3. In that message, he was talking about the foolishness of doing the same thing repeatedly and yet expects to get a different result. To get a different result in what we are doing in our life especially in the year 2018, we must necessarily do different things.

Bringing this home my lady; you are still single because all you did in 2017 did not work on getting any man to marry you. In other words, the year 2018 may still come and go without your getting married if you repeat the same things that you did in 2017 and other years that didn’t work. Read more »

The Master Keys To Enjoying A Marital Breakthrough

The issue of marital breakthroughs is the desire of most couples, but while as some couples are enjoying their marriage relationship to the fullness the marriages of others are in crises while some their marriage is a gross failure.

The difference between those enjoying their marriage and those whose marriages have failed is knowledge and ignorance. Some couples don’t know what it takes to enjoy a marital breakthrough. As such, some couples are doing in their marriages what they ought not to be doing while failing to do what they supposed to be doing in their marriage. Read more »

Dealing With The Issue Of “But” In Our Lives For A Marital Breakthrough.

The heart desire of every man or woman desiring marriage is to get the man or woman of their choice. In other words, we all have dream husbands or dream wives. But why so many fail to locate their dream partner is the result of failing or refusing to deal with certain negative issues in their lives. I call these issues the “But” of our life.

Taking the picture of Naaman of the BIBLE as our reference point as we can see in 2Kings Chapter 5:1 “Now Naaman, captain of the host of the king of Syria, was a great man with his master, and honourable, because by him the LORD had given deliverance unto Syria: he was also a mighty man in velour, but he was a leper.” You see how Naaman was described” he was a great man” and “honorable” however, the “But” in his life was that “He was a leper”

We all have “But” in our lives and in some, these “but” are so grievous that they are preventing them from getting what they desired, that calls for us to deal ruthlessness with these issues or the But in our life.

Bringing this home, many ladies out there in our society, they are very beautiful to behold (but beauty is not edible as one musician puts it), they are well to do and many of them came from a very good family background. Read more »

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