Stephanie Otobo : You Must Be Highly Gullible To Believe Her Story.

This article is never to defend Apostle Johnson Suleman but to bring out some fact for you to know the actual truth as a Christian. While the allegation and counter allegation of Stephanie Otobo against Apostle Johnson Suleiman rages on, one must be true to him or herself to believe any of the stories.

I am saying this because some may be having some doubt or double mind about that story or the allegation by Miss Stephanie Otobo. I wish to point out that for you to believe any of the stories by Miss Stephenie Otobo, you must be highly gullible and is not reasoning well.

I am sorry to say it about you but that is the gospel truth especially if you are a born again  Christian. For a non-Christian, because of their mindset they already have, they are free to believe and accept anything they want.

The point I am trying to make is that no matter what anybody believes about that allegation against Apostle Suleman by Stephenie Otobo, truth is truth and falsehood is falsehood no matter who believes it or does not believe it. Even if the entire country should believe a lie, the lie will never turn to be truth.

Have you read 1 Kings 22: from verse 20, there was a set up in heaven “And the LORD said, ‘who will persuade Ahab to go up, that he may fall at Ramoth Gilead?’ So one spoke in this manner, and another spoke in that manner.

“Then a spirit came forward and stood before the LORD, and said, ‘I will persuade him.’ “The LORD said to him, ‘In what way?’ So he said, ‘I will go out and be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets.’ And the LORD said, ‘You shall persuade him, and also prevail. Go out and do so.’

Similarly, if you look at it, it is the in this matter, there was a set up in the marine and Islamic world of who will go and try to pull Apostle Johnson Suleman down? 

After the question, all were reluctant but Stephanie Otobo volunteered that she will go and bring Apostle Suleiman down. So if you watch the whole thing or listen to the various interview or statements by Miss Otobo, you will clearly see that Miss Otobo is but a frustrated lady seeking cheap popularity.

In that allegation of having affairs with Suleiman, if she had come out to say that Suleiman had an affair with her, the doubt would have been in the mind of some people that it could be possible because any man can fall at the point of his weakness.

However, for Miss Otobo to come out to say that Suleiman has been having affairs with her for many times is absurd, laughable and ridiculous. Otobo even portrayed ApostleSuleman as a $ex addict and a porn star who wanted to do three in one with her.

If Miss Otobo knew Apostle Suleman as she claims she did, she would have known that Suleman is so disciplined that he don’t even allow spirit filled Christian ladies working in his church to be too close or to be so familiar with him.

I said this not to talk of Miss Stephenie Otobo, a prostitute to claiming that she lodged in Hotels alone with Suleman, which is a pure lie. Suleman always travels with some of his pastors and paid aides who even make his travel arrangements, so he never travels alone.

Miss Otobo who is not even a Christian but a prostitute, so for her to say that Suleman lodged with her in a hotel is laughable and a pure lie. Suleman hardly has time for himself not to talk of going to lodge in a hotel with a prostitute.

Miss Otobo further claimed that Suleman wanted to kill her.That is to say that she is portraying Apostle Suleman as a killer or murderer. I want you to be true to yourself, will you imagine that Suleman has ever spilled a blood or is a murderer?

Could you possibly believe that a man of God with the passion for rescuing the perishing souls in the world would turn to be a murderer as Miss Otobo would want us to believe?

Miss Otobo again said that Suleiman proposed marriage to her, promising her that he will divorce his beautiful wife and marry her. Look at it, if you hear that Suleiman divorced his wife as to marry an ugly mutete, won’t you say that Suleiman is out of his mind?.

In fact, many of his church members will say that an evil spirit has possessed him and will tie him up and maybe carry him to TBJ to cast out the devil that had come upon him. For God’s sake, we are talking about an anointed man of God and not an ordinary celebrity.

What did Miss Otobo think she possesses that could attract Apostle Suleman because she is but an ugly mutete who cannot even stand before the wife of Suleman, not even her personality or her physical appearance? So for a man of God, whose ministry is worldwide, to condescend to be sleeping with a Miss Otobo, a prostitute is laughable. So what do you think of it yourself?

Again, Miss Otobo said that Suleman proposed marriage to her but did not mention when and where the proposal took place. On the man of God going to see her parents and relations for marriage introduction, this is equally a laughable matter and ridiculous.

This is because for that to happen without a single picture taken with a camera or an android phone on that event shows that it is absurd and a pure lie.

Moreover, for her to claim that Apostle Suleman went for a marriage introduction in her absence is equally ridiculous. Think of it especially if you are married, what is a marriage introduction? I write on marriage and relationship. A marriage introduction is an official introduction of a lady going to introduce the man who wants to marry her to her parents and relations.

So If there was an actual marriage introduction as Miss Otobo claimed, she failed to mention the date, where and when that event took place? So the claim by Miss Otobo that her marriage introduction took place in her absence but did not mention the date or the place the introduction took place is to show you that it is a fabricated story?

Again, if actually, the marriage introduction took place as Miss Otobo claimed, does it means that she accepted to be the second wife of Apostle Suleman since Apostle Suleman had never divorced his wife or sued her for divorce?. Moreover, is it possible for a man of God like Suleman to marry a second wife secretly in this country?

Miss Otobo wants us to believe that as a lady, she was so busy in Canada that she has no time to come to Nigeria for her marriage introduction that it could take place in her absence? It is equally folly that her father who she claimed hosted Suleman for the marriage introduction denied knowing Suleman. The father said that he only read about the matter on the internet. So who is telling lie?

You that seem to believe Miss Otobo, as a Christian, if you are told that Apostle Suleman is planning to marry an ugly prostitute, won’t you say that he is mentally ill? Again assuming that the wife of Suleman was not there and he was to remarry if you hear that Suleman has chosen Miss Otobo to replace the wife, won’t you say equally that something is wrong with Suleman? So why on earth do you possibly believe that there is any element of truth in what Miss Otobo is saying?

On the bank statement of account presented by Miss Otobo, I challenge any bank cashier in this country to come out to prove that he or she had ever seen Suleman come to withdraw or deposit money in any bank. The reason is because Suleman is too big and has no time for that as he has paid staffs that do these things.

So for Miss Otobo to claim or present a fake bank statement claiming that Suleman sent her money is absurd and ridiculous. Suleman doesn’t have such time as to do that as to go to the bank for such transaction.

Finally, if you read the biography of Apostle Suleman, you will see that he had the grace of God on him even from his birth. He equally grew up and paid the prize that resulted in the grace and anointing of God be released upon him.

So for a man of God whose ministry is touching lives around the worldwide the things he does especially his boldness is because he is assured of God’s ever presence with him. He has the assurance of God’s backing. So for him to mortgage that anointing, that auction on the lapse of one ugly mutete is absurd and laughable.

He knew the prize he paid for God to release such anointing on him,  he will never mortgage that on the lapse of Miss Otobo or any prostitute for that matter. As for you, that is publishing false stories about an anointed man of God.

You should be careful because God’s injunction in Psalms 105:15 still stands, which says, “Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm” is a warning to give heed to. This matter is judged and the truth is known,  anybody that reasons well will see that Miss Otobo is rubbishing her person even though she thinks she is trying to bring down the man of God. 

In other words, she should go and tell those who paid her that her ploy had failed. People had known the truth and what she is doing is popularizing the man of God Apostle Suleman. 


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