So You Wish To Get Your ’Ex’ Back?

The break of some relationship may be devastating and traumatic. Some don’t recover from the trauma that resulted from it. Left for some people, their heart desire is to get such relationship to continue.

I read many articles on many sites that wrote on “how to get your ‘ex’ back”. So we shall be looking at reasons why you should seek or never seek to get your “ex” back.

First and foremost, you must know what actually caused your ex to leave you. There are men who are in deep relationship with some ladies.

During that period of their relationship, other men and potential husbands may look at their relationship and think that they are going to get married.

However, such men know within themselves that they are not willing and ready to marry such ladies. So as a man, if you are relating with a lady who you are not ready or willing to marry if the lady should break the relationship with you, it is an act of wickedness for you to seek to get her back.

This is an obvious fact, there are men who relate with some ladies up to 5 years, and as a result, such ladies put their entire hope on such men to get married to them.

In other words, for such men to abandon such ladies when they may have lost their youthful age and opportunity to get married to other men is an act of wickedness.

So a lady who sees that you don’t have the hope of marrying her, if she should break the relationship, it is an act of wickedness for you to seek to get her back.

It will equally foolish of you to devote your life and energy to keep for more than a year a relationship with a man that has no intention of marrying you?

Moreover, there are ladies who men are spending heavily on them with the hope of marrying them in the future. But such ladies may not be willing to marry such men. So if such men should break their relationship, to seek to get them back is an act of wickedness.

I obeyed that man of God and I believe that praying for her was the major reason God gave me a befitting and virtuous woman as a wife. That lady by name Lovelyn also got married to a befitting husband.

The truth is that if you are not meant for a man or woman, your relationship with him or she will never work out. What if I had sought and got her back, I doubt if my marriage relationship with her would have worked out.

In summary, before you seek to get your ex back, be sure that you are not responsible for the reason why you lost your ex in the first place. In other words, you must be sure that the reason why he or she left you in the first place had been adequately addressed.

This is because a man who left you because of certain issues, for you to seek to get him back without addressing the issue that caused him to leave you in the first place is counterproductive.

Moreover, it is totally wrong to engage a spiritualist to cast a love spell on your Ex just to get him or her back. Using a spell to get your Ex back will surely boomerang in the future because every spell has an expiration date. When the spell expires, the man or woman will surely hate you for who you are.

Some broken relationships are like a broken egg. No matter how you seek to parch a broken egg, it will surely get rotten in the future and start to smell. So, ensure that your Ex is worth getting back.

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