Reasons Why Some Marriages May Never Survive But Crash.

Our society today, marriages rises and falls as packs of cards. Some of the couples, they started their marriage with deep and sincere love; they were like Romeo and Juliet.

However, some terrible things happen along the way that resulting in the crack and eventual crash of their marriage. When you consider that some of these couples started well and their marriages celebrated when they started.

Looking at the above, every couple should be very careful because if such marriages could crash and collapse, our own marriages could as well collapse if we allow what crashed such marriages in our marriage.

If you look at some couples and the celebration that followed their marriages, you feel shocked to hear that such marriages later crashed. That is to say that no marriage is immune to failure if couples fail to do what sustained marriages.

It is obvious that there are certain things that couples must never allow in their marriage if such marriages are expected to survive. One of such thing or issue is having extramarital affairs.

Some think that extramarital affairs are just an animalistic instincts in satisfying one’s sexual desire with another married man or woman, not knowing that it goes far beyond that.

As a married man, the day you had affair with another married woman that is not your wife, that day, something leaves you which you will never recover as you become a shadow of yourself.

Some men, who are doing well in business or career, their business begin from that day to crash. Most of these men, they attribute what caused a collapse of their business to witches and wizards.

I am not saying that witches and wizards are not responsible for the collapse of some business and marriages but some men themselves opens that loophole by their actions in having affair with another men’s wives.

To me, it is far safer if you must have extramarital affairs to do it with a single lady that is not been committed to any man that having it with another man’s wife. In fact, some a man dig his own grave the day he mounts and has affair with a married woman.

Whether you believe in religion or not, having an affair with another man’s wife is a dangerous spiritual law you have broken which you must pay dearly for it directly or indirectly.

As for a woman, it is more dangerous because the day you lay down, open your laps and allow another man not your husband to enter you and release fluids inside you. From that day it happens, something dies and leaves your person. That day, your glory is taken away from you in which you may never recover it.

Because your glory is gone, and as a result, that thing your husband your husband saw in you that attracted you to him that made him desire to marry you will go as well.

Once that thing is gone, your husband loses the original love he has for you and that bond, that original that made him marry you will be replaced with fake mechanical love.

Most couples, what they have for each other are no longer that natural and pure love but mechanical love that are unstable but goes up and down. From the very day, another man has affair with you other than your lawful husband, you lose the $ex appeal your husband have for you.

My dear, it is better that you don’t start any extramarital affair with another man or woman because once you start; the tendency is that you go on to do it without restraint and without feeling any guilt. You’re not feeling any guilt shows that it had killed your conscience.

Has it occurred to you why the marriages of many celebrities and Nolly wood actors and actress are falling apart? The reason is that majority of them are not faithful to their husbands or wives.

Please hear and hear me well even though some may think that I sound religion, whether you are a man or woman, the day you engage in an extramarital affair with a married man or woman, you have sown the seed of destruction in your own marriage.

Once that seed germinates and has deep root, it will eventually destroy your own marriage without remedy. Oh! There is a remedy but both of you in that marriage must agree to that remedy.

Since this is a spiritual matter, the remedy is equally spiritual. The remedy is simple, get a new wedding ring, go to a man of God and let him know that you come to renew your marriage vow or covenant.

The man of God will take the old ring if you are wedded, nullify the vow or covenant that was made or entered with the old rings and then put on the new ring with prayer thereby entering into a new covenant or marriage vow.

Please don’t treat this matter with a wave of hands it is for your own goods.


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