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Man Sets His Pregnant Girlfriend On Fire Because Her Face Was Too Beautiful

A man was arrested on a charge of attempted murder after being accused of setting his girlfriend on fire because he wanted to burn her beautiful face, according to police in Italy. Now, 42-year-old Paolo Pietropaolo of Pozzuoli, has been sentenced to serve 18 years in prison after being convicted of stalking, attempted forced abortion and attempted murder. Prosecutors have only asked for a 15 year sentence, but the judge added three years because the motive of the attack against his pregnant girlfriend. According to the criminal complaint, Pietropaolo and 38-year-old Carla Caiazzo lived together for several years.

5 Keys That Will Unlock Your Real Potential Life by Hamish Bayston

We  are all born into this world with a clean slate. The same unlimited potential. Yet, when we get to the end, it may seem that some have been gifted with more potential than others. The only reason this happens is that as we go through our journey of life, we create boundaries and limitations on ourselves. Most of these began way back as a young child when we were sponges, eager and hungry to absorb information of the world around us, and also that of the world beyond us.

After 18-Hour Operation, A Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated.

Conjoined twin girls from Nigeria have been separated after a lengthy operation at a Tennessee hospital, days ahead of their first birthday. Miracle and Testimony Ayeni were separated during 18 hours of surgery that began on November 7 and finished the next day at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis. Miracle and Testimony Ayeni, rest after being separated The twins were joined together at the pelvis, a condition that only occurs in one of about every 5 million births.