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My Lady, Are You Ready To March To The Altar soonest?

Marching to the altar soonest

Ladies who are in their earlier twenties, the issue of marriage may not bother them, but  ladies who  are in their late thirties, some have started or began to worry about the issue of marriage, some even fearing of  never getting married in life. If you ask such ladies, they will tell you that their utmost heart desire is to marry soonest and settle down with the husband of theirs. We shall be looking at what will show we are ready to actualizing your dream of marching to the altar soonest.

Simple Steps To Launch Your Marriage To The Next Level

following Simple Steps To Launch Your Marriage To The Next Level

This is very obvious before we got married, we were all hopeful of getting married to the man or woman of our dream that will enable us to enjoy a successful and exciting marriage. But after we got married, the story was not as we expected in our marriage. Yes, If you look at some gardens, you will so much admire it because the gardens are well watered and taken care of. However, some other gardens are overgrown with weeds that the site looks ugly. The same is true of some marriages; some marriages are like that well-watered garden while some are not.

Dwelling In The Secret Place Of The Most High.

are you dwelling in the secret place of the Most High

King David was the second King of Israel after Saul, Bible scholars have it that there are many things that distinguished him from other kings that reigned after him. David was the only King that was said to be a man after GOD’S heart. He was the only king that reigned, retired and handed over the mantle of rulership to his son in his lifetime. Of all the kings, he fought the highest numbers of wars without losing any battle. Bible scholars attributed the writing of the Book of Psalms to him and what he said in psalms 91 gave a little glimpse of what enabled him to achieve those exploits. He dwelt in the secret place of the most high.

To Fulfill Destiny, Be Ready For Your Opportunities When They Come.

be ready for your opportunities when they come.

If we look back and analyze our past, we will surely see some mistakes and opportunities we lost that would have launched us into our next level of greatness in our life and to fulfill our destiny. Nice opportunities that would have taken us to the next level of greatness in our life. But we squandered such opportunities; we lost such opportunities because we were not ready when such opportunities called on us. There are many today, where they are today at the top of the ladder of success and breakthrough is the result of been ready and positioned that they grabbed and utilized God-given opportunities when they came their way.

My dear, why allow your marriage to fail or collapse?

don't allow your marriag to fail or collapse.s

This is an obvious fact “we all entered into marriage relationships with high hope of having a happy and exciting marriage”. But in reality, some are enjoying their marriages to the fullness, while some other marriages are dragging; some have failed marriages while greater numbers are on the verge of collapse or fail. So I wish to ask, how has your own marriage fared? Is it exciting, boring or at the verge of failing or collapse? The point is that if couples knew what they ought to know about marriage and as well as apply the correct principles that make for successful and exciting marriages. Their own marriages will be successful and exciting. However, there are many things couples are…
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