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Dealing With The Root Causes Of Failed Marriages.

Avoid these root-causes-of-failed-marriages

If you look the world over, you will observe that some notable men and women have failed marriages. Late Mandela, perhaps and despite been one of the best-known leaders in Africa, had a failed marriage. What of the royal marriage of Prince Charles and Princes Diana, their marriage had been a history. In this post, we shall be examining the root causes of failed marriages. In the news some years ago, the newspaper [dailymail.co.uk], a popular newspaper in Britain carried the news that the Russian President Vladimir Putin had confirmed divorce from his wife of 30 years by removing all mention of her on his official website. Also, this year 2016, it went wild on the internet and newsprint that a…
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Your Success And Breakthrough Are Never Over Until You Say They Are Over.

your-success and breakthrough are never over until we say so

It is said, “Success and breakthrough in life are possible” for someone who believes and accept that it is possible for him or her to be successful. In others, for this to be a reality, one must believe in him or herself and accept that it is possible. Until you have faith in yourself and believe in yourself that those who are experiencing success and breakthrough in their lives, that they do not have two heads neither are we endured less by the Almighty GOD. One of the major reason they had success and breakthrough in life was because they grabbed and utilized their GOD giving opportunities that came their way. This post is aimed at motivating us and as…
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Champion Mentality – Necessary For The Fulfillment Of Our Destiny.

have a champion mentality

It is unfortunate that much-resigned life issue to fate; accepting and believing that what will be will be. They fail to realize that life is a give and take meaning that what we get is a function of GOD’S Favor. Moreover, God’s favour is one major ingredient that helps us get maximally out of life and one ingredient that helps us fulfill our destiny is having a champion mentality. It was Pastor Uwem Offiong that made this assertion sink deeper inside of me while listening to one of his messages “I am a champion”. In that message, he explained that no man or woman ought to be a failure in life because GOD had made us champion even from the womb….
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Top Secrets For Enjoyment Of A Successful And Exciting Marriage 2

This is the concluding part of the series “top secrets for enjoying a successful and exciting marriage”. Hope you have read the part one of the series? If not, GO HERE to read part one for a better understanding of the topic as this is a continuation of part one. Strive to forgive and forget: Some crises in marriage results from un-forgiveness. Un-forgiveness among couple causes great harm to their relationship as there are many couples are indeed harboring the spirit of unforgiveness in them. I once settled a quarrel between a couple and it took the woman more than two minutes to recount all the wrong doing the husband has been doing to her. The husband used almost the…
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Top Secrets For Enjoyment Of A Successful And Exciting Marriage

Top Secrets For Enjoyment of A Successful And Exciting Marriage

It takes knowledge to enjoy exciting marriage. It is said that knowledge is power and right application of knowledge is wisdom. It is equally said that what you don’t know is your senior and you are intimidated by what you don’t know. I am saying all these because many marriages are having crises; some are falling apart while others are ending in divorce. In this series, we shall be looking at “top secrets for enjoying a successful and exciting marriage” One of the major reason why there are crises in some marriages is because some couples are doing what they ought not to do while failing to do what they ought to do with their marriage relationships. As a result,…
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Thank God, I Finally Got Married At Last

i got married at last got married at last

Since I started writing and posting articles on the net, it had been my heart desire and pray that as more and more people get to know and implement the suggestions I gave in different posts, they will have their own testimony and story to tell just like this lady that sent me an email some time ago. This was an email I received some time from a lady who implemented the suggestions I gave in one of my posts. I am publishing this message with her approval or permission. The following are her very words: Dear princevinco, thank GOD I finally got married at last. By way of introduction, I am Sandra (real name removed to ensure her privacy)…
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Provoking The Grace And Favour Of GOD For A Breakthrough In Life

provoking the favor of God for your breakthrough

In  this post, we shall be looking at provoking the grace and the favor of God for success and breakthrough in life.The BIBLE is full of stories of people who were huge successes because the favor of GOD worked mightily upon them. The first time or place we saw the operation of GOD’S favor in action was in Exodus 3:21 “And I will give these people favor in the sight of the Egyptians: and it shall come to pass, that, when ye go, ye shall not go empty: Exodus 11:3 “And the LORD gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians.” Exodus 12:36 “And the LORD gave the people favor in the sight of the Egyptians so that…
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