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Towards Building A Successful And Exciting Marriage

building a successful and exciting marriage

Of a truth, many entered into a marriage relationship with the desire and high hopes of enjoying a successful and exciting marriage. But while some are enjoying their marriage to the fullness, others are experiencing dullness and crises in their own marriage. I decided to share this topic based on what happened recently. As usual, I decided to visit my wife in her office after I went somewhere that was near her office. When my wife saw me, she got up from her seat and hugged me; introducing me to some women she was attending to in her office, “meet my lovely husband”.

Understanding The Biblical Principle Of Tithe or Tithing 2

the understanding of more about tithing

This is the second part of the series “Understanding the Biblical Principle of Tithe or Tithing”. In this part two, we shall be looking at what tithing is and when the issue of tithing started in the bible? I Hope you have read part one of the series? If not ensure that you read part one first for a better understanding of part two. CLICK HERE to read part one. Until you have a correct working knowledge and understanding about tithe and equally views tithe in its correct perceptive, you may end up wasting your resources in the name of paying tithe. Tithe or Tithing first appeared in the Bible in Genesis 14:20 to 22. Here we are told that…
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Understanding The Biblical Principles Of Tithe or Tithing

understanding the principless of tithing

The issue of Tithe or tithing perhaps is one of BIBLE principle that is mostly misunderstood, mostly abused and goes with a lot of controversies. Some believe that it is for us today to practice while others believe that it is an Old Testament obligation meant for the Jews alone. I am sorry to say that one of the reasons why there is a divergent view about tithe is the result of the level of knowledge and understanding of the subject. Also, I am sorry to say that many people including many Men Of God are ignorant of the meaning and essence of tithe. That is the reason why they view tithe as an avenue to raise money and put food on…
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Jehovah Our Ebenezer – Accessing Divine Help From Above.

receiving diving Help from above

In this world, it is a fact that life is not fair at all, it does not deliver to us what we deserve but only delivers to us what we demand. Looking at the BIBLE, on the life of King David, he was so peculiar because he received divine help from above. As a king of Israel, he fought the highest number of wars yet did not lose any battle because Jehovah God was his Ebenezer, his helper. He was as well the only king of Israel who reigned for years, retired and handed over to another king while he is still alive.

Dealing With Issues That Hinders The Marriage Of Some Ladies.

some crazy things ladies do which as a lady you should avoid

Of a truth, the heart desire of most ladies is to get married and settle down. While as it is their heart desire to get married, some of them are indirectly doing some crazy things that prevent them from getting married. As a lady desiring to marry, you should try your best to avoid these things. Some ladies, instead of looking for young bachelors to marry them, they are busy dating and Relating with married men, trying to snatch them from their wives. Since those men would never marry them, their youthful and marriageable age get wasted in the process. As a lady, you should avoid too intimate relationships with old and married men or try to snatch a married  man…
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Major Reasons Why Some Couples Have Failed Or Collapsed Marriages

what you should know about-Failed-Marriages

This is an obvious fact “we all entered into marriage relationships with high hope of having a happy and exciting marriage”. But in reality, some are enjoying their marriages to the fullness, while some marriages are dragging. Some have failed marriages while greater numbers are on the verge of collapse or failure. So I wish to ask, how has your own marriage fared? Is it exciting, boring or is it at the verge of collapse? The point is that if couples knew what they ought to know about marriage and as well apply the correct principles that make for successful and exciting marriages, their own marriages will be successful and exciting. However, there are many things couples are doing in…
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The Favor Of GOD – The Master Key To Fulfilling Our Marital Destiny.

the favor of God master key to fulfill our marital destiny

In our society today, there are ladies who by mere looking at them, you will see that they are beautiful to behold, they may come from a nice family background. They may also have a lucrative jobs or sources of income, yet no man had ever said to them “I want to marry you”. In other words, they are still single because they lack the grace and favor of God. But there are some other ladies, they may look like chimpanzee per se, in fact, there are nothing appealing about them physically, yet men are struggling and fighting over whom to get their hands in marriage.