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Egypt Migrant Boat Sinking: Death Toll Rises To 108

The number of bodies recovered after a migrant boat capsized off the Egyptian coast on Wednesday has reached 108, with the death toll expected to rise. Egyptian authorities said 64 deaths were recorded on Friday as rescue teams searched the area. The boat was carrying between 450 and 600 migrants when it sank eight miles (12km) off the port city of Rosetta. The boat was transporting Egyptian, Syrian, Sudanese, Eritrean and Somali migrants

Living the Life of Your Dreams By Sam Adeyemi, @sam_adeyemi

image of pastor adeyemi

Life is designed for progression and not stagnation. One of the greatest discoveries you will make in life is this: as you change and improve, things and people will change and improve around you. As these changes begin to occur, I want you to note that no matter what you want to achieve, your position does not count as much as your disposition. A positive disposition will ultimately guarantee a favourable position.

Woman accidentally posts topless photo of herself while writing positive review for her new washing machine

A woman in the United Kingdom, was horrified to find that her positive review for a washing machine went viral after she accidentally posted a topless photo of herself. Louise from Stevenage, was very happy with the washing machine she bought at Currys. She stood in front of the machine and took a photo. Louise failed to notice that her reflection was visible on the washing machine’s glass door. Louise wrote a positive review on the company’s website, and uploaded the photo of her new washing machine. It did not take long for her to notice that her post is getting a lot of responses. People pointed out that she is seen topless in the glass door of the washing…
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What A Kindness:Teen Proves He Has Sole, Gives Homeless Man The Shoes Off His Feet.

A boy shows a good kindless

A 14-year-old in Louisville, Kentucky, really stepped up his kindness game. LaRon Tunstill, who goes by the nickname “Ron Ron,” took his brand new sneakers off his feet and gave them to a homeless man he met on the street, WDRB, a Fox-affiliated TV station in Louisville, reported. Tunstill was handing out food to homeless people with PurpMe, a local nonprofit that encourages and facilitates acts of kindness, over Labor Day weekend when one man caught his eye.

Invest In Your Marriage If You Wish To Enjoy An Exciting Marriage.

invest in your marriage to enjoy exciting marriage

The reasons why there are lots of failed marriages today is because some jump into marriage relationships expecting to enjoy a sweet and exciting marriage at no cost.  Some thought it was very cheap that every Dick and Harry could enjoy it. As a marriage counselor, I won’t deceive you; sweet and exciting marriage is definitely very simple but it is not very cheap as some may think. It is only those who are selfish that think that they can enjoy a sweet and exciting marriage at no cost. That is to say, the enjoyment of a sweet and exciting marriage goes with prizes – there are prizes you must definitely need pay to enjoy sweet and exciting marriage continuously….
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