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So You Wish To Get Your ’Ex’ Back?

The break of some relationship may be devastating and traumatic. Some don’t recover from the trauma that resulted from it. Left for some people, their heart desire is to get such relationship to continue. I read many articles on many sites that wrote on “how to get your ‘ex’ back”. So we shall be looking at reasons why you should seek or never seek to get your “ex” back. First and foremost, you must know what actually caused your ex to leave you. There are men who are in deep relationship with some ladies. During that period of their relationship, other men and potential husbands may look at their relationship and think that they are going to get married. However,…
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Getting Ready For A Fulfilled Marriage By Pastor Faith Oyedepo

I congratulate you for seeing the last month in this great year, 2017. Indeed, God has been so faithful and I believe you already have loads of testimonies. Peradventure, you are still expecting a miracle from God; I decree the speedy manifestation of that testimony today! In this teaching series, we shall focus on this vital topic: Beyond the Altar. I believe this teaching will really pave the way for your marital fulfillment. As part of the preparations for a wedding ceremony, it is important you have a counselor to groom you through the process of marriage. However, after the exchange of vows on the altar and every other celebration that comes with it, you are left to figure out…
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Paying The Prize To Enjoy A Sweet And Exciting Marriage.

If you ask an average couple all over the globe, they will tell you that their desire is to enjoy a sweet and exciting marriage. While this is so, many desire to enjoy a sweet and exciting marriage but they are not ready or willing to pay the prize for it. In our society today everything that is of value has a price tag attached to it which includes sweet and exciting marriage. As said, many desire to enjoy their marriage but they are not ready or willing to pay the necessary price for it. To this end, if enjoyment of a sweet and exciting marriage is your desire, couples must necessarily pay the following prize: in the first instance,…
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Standing In Our Own Way 

At one time or another, all of us have been crippled by issues of self-doubt and low self-confidence, and have allowed them to stop us from accomplishing what we wanted to accomplish. What is really sad, is that in many cases, overcoming our own self-doubt is more difficult for us than actually accomplishing the goal we have set for ourselves. In the end, we end up not accomplishing our goal, not because we failed at it, but because we never attempted it in the first place. Whether it be in our personal lives, or in our marriage, instead of pushing through to accomplish our goals, we listen to the negative voices in our head that tell us “it will never…
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