Not Paying Your Tithe: Sorry! The Devil Wants To Make You Poor

While the controversy over the issue of tithe ranges on, I wish to still write to enlighten believers over the issue. First and foremost I wish to ask, ‘why is it that the issue of tithe, whenever it is mentioned in various quarters, some people are ready to fight over it?

Is it not because tithing been one of the pillars by which God prospers and blesses his people, obviously, the Devil wants to make you poor if he can succeed to get you not to be a committed to paying your tithe.

Majority of people making noise and opposing paying tithe are unbelievers, cultist, Satanist and people who never go to church at all. These are the people that you who calls yourself a born-again Christian are listening to.

Assuming they are Christians with the spirit of GOD in them, they would have said something meaningful.

Of a truth, for you a true Christian to stop paying your tithe because unbelievers discourage you from doing so, I will nothing but see you as a fool. The issue is that, tithe like other Biblical injunctions is a spiritual matter and if you are not a Christian with the spirit of GOD you may not understand it.

The point is that there are many true Christians who lack the true understanding of what tithe is all about. Such people, they see tithe as an expense or avenue in which pastors raise money.

So my first advice to you is that you should see an understanding the truth or issue about tithe as it goes beyond releasing 10% of your income.

Remember 1Corinthians 2:14 said something, “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned”. Because they lack spiritual understanding they will continue to oppose tithing.

But you a Christian, why should you allow an unbeliever to tell you what to do or not to do with respect to Christian faith or principles? I have said a number of times; if you are not convinced over tithe, never waste your resource in the name of paying tithe.

I said this because some just give any amount in the name of paying tithe expecting to get the full benefit of tithing. No, it doesn’t work that way, you must tithe correctly if you are to get the fullness of GOD’S blessing.

Moreover, some give to impress their pastor, and that is equally wrong as you can’t get the full benefit unless your heart is right with GOD.

However, it will be unfortunate for unbelievers, occultist, and people who never go to church to be the one influencing your actions about the issue of tithing as many people listen to what those opposing tithings are saying.

It is folly for someone who does not understand what you understand to influence or teach you Biblical principles? You have the spirit of GOD in you, why do you allow someone without the spirit of GOD to influence you?

I said it again, tithing is for your own good, not anyone else. Those who oppose tithe, they think that tithe is money meant for the pastors which are totally wrong because pastors do pay tithe themselves.

Those opposing tithe never go to church, and some do to fulfill all righteousness not that they are committed Christians. How do they know how tithe is been used you should ask yourself?

Again you should ask yourself when we talk about benefits of tithing, those opposing tithing will be quick to say that there is no benefit. How do they know if there is benefit or not since they don’t go to church and have never paid tithe?

It is like saying that an apple you have never tasted is very bitter. You have to taste the apple first before you can confirm. People who are not paying tithe, who never enjoyed any benefit of tithe are the one trying to influence you to join them in not paying tithe.

For those who have the real knowledge and understanding of tithing, those who are committed to paying tithe and are enjoying the full benefits of tithing, no Jupiter can ever discourage them from paying tithe.

To this end, I am not here to tell you whether it is good or bad to pay tithe. Those who are paying tithe are reaping the full benefits thereof. Nobody is begging you to be paying your tithe.

I am encouraging you to be faithful in paying your tithe, as your pastor may be encouraging you so that you reap the benefits others who are paying tithe are reaping.

Faithfully do so and confirm for yourself if there is a benefit or not rather than base your action on argument by the sons of Belial.

Finally, I wish to point out that everybody pays tithe, whether directly or indirectly, you either pay it to GOD or to Satan. Paying to GOD, attract blessing while you may pay it to satan with an additional knock on your head. I say addition knock because the devil may demand more than 10% from you.

See you enjoying the fullness of GOD’S blesses by obeying GOD in tithing. If you have gotten anything from this post, please share with friend or tweet to your followers on Twitter and other social Medias.

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