My Lady, What Is Your Identity Without Your Makeup?

One problem with some ladies is that they don’t know who they are and lack confidence about who they are. As a result, some uses heavy makeup to hide that of who they really are.

One of the counsels I normally give to ladies who I come in contact with one on one, ladies who are struggling to get married, is that they should be original and not a carbon copy.

Of a truth, some ladies have no true identity as they have lost their original true identity by trying to be like someone else.

Believe it or not, one of the undoings of some ladies is losing their true identity by their trying to imitate the appearance of someone else. By their so doing, they end up destroy their own original identity.

If you look at some ladies, they are living with a false identity, i.e. with somebody’s borrowed or stolen identity by the use of heavy make-ups.

Recently, I read on a UK daily mail of the action of one Algerian Husband who sued his wife for £13,000 for inflicting ‘psychological suffering’.

The man told the court in Algiers that he mistook her for a thief morning after their wedding. According to the man, he said he was ‘deceived’ by heavy make-up and ‘frightened’ when he saw her.

According to that newspaper, that Algerian groom, seeing his new wife without makeup was a step too far. The husband was so shocked after seeing his bride’s face the morning after their wedding that he failed to even recognize her. He even accused her of being a thief that had broken into his house.

After realizing it was, in fact, the woman he had married only yesterday, he decided to take her to court – accusing her inflicting ‘psychological suffering’ by ‘cheating’ him with her makeup. The groom is sought for $20,000 (£13,000) damages.

The question is, “will you blame that Algerian man for his action? Some may blame the man while others may not.

So I ask you my lady, “who are you without your makeup? That is, can you define your true identity without your make-ups?

From what happened as recorded above, it is obvious that the actual identity of that lady with her heavy makeup is quite different from her identity without makeup.

So I ask you again, “Who are you without your makeup” or who do men say you are without your makeup?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder as they say so, believe it or not, with heavy makeup men can be deceived to believe something about you which you are not just like the Algerian man.

The truth of the matter is that with your heavy makeup, men are not seeing your true identity and that may account for why men refuse to marry you or why you are not married as of today.

Of a truth, one of the reasons for a heavy makeup is denial or refusal to accept one’s own true identity. So many ladies are living with a borrowed identities or false identities. Are you one of them?

Another reason is that some ladies don’t like or accept the person they are seeing when they look at themselves in the mirror. The person you see in the mirror is your real you that you are trying to cover up with heavy makeup.

Obviously, it is self-actualization that should guide your makeup. In other words, you should accept the person you see when you look at yourself naturally on a mirror after taking your morning bath.

I counsel you that you should build self-confidence about yourself without makeup, which will go a long way to moderate how you are making up.

Again, as one of my pastors used to say, it is ladies who don’t like the person they are seeing when they look at themselves in a mirror after taking their morning bath.

Ladies who feel they are deficient in their appearance that goes for heavy makeup in other to fill or make up for the deficiency.

One may ask “is there anything wrong with makeup”? Not at all, even my wife is free to makeup but she feels more confident without makeup. What is actually wrong is allowing heavy makeup to swallow your true identity.

You should maintain your true identity, accept and build self-confidence in which you are and realize that you are a unique person.

You are beautiful in the eyes of someone, so maintain your uniqueness by being original of yourself and not a carbon copy. Don’t makeup to appear like someone else.

Until I come your way again, accept yourself, be original and not a carbon copy. Shalom

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