My Dear, To Fulfill Your Destiny You Should In Understanding Be Men.

The position we are today in our society and in our marital relationship, we are placed there by the level of knowledge and understanding we have.

No wonder Apostle Paul in 1st Corinthians chapter 14:20 admonished, “Brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men”. KJV

In other words, if we really wish to excel in every area of life endeavors, then we must as a necessity go for knowledge and understanding.

The more we have the understanding on any issue, the more we will excel on that issue. Also the book of proverbs chapter 13 verses 15 “Good understanding gains favor, but the way of the unfaithful is hard”.NKJV

That is to say, the bane of our society today is ignorance and worse still assuming and claiming to know what we don’t know. Recently, one of the associate pastors in the church I worship invited me to his office.

I was in his office when a person which I considered as an important dignitary arrived. When the man arrived, he started by praising the materials the pastor gave him earlier to read, saying that the materials were classical as they touched the root of his marital problems.

The point was that the man was having marital problems, and the pastor asked him to go with me that I was in a position to help him.

Initially, the man was reluctant but when the pastor told him that he wasn’t the author of the materials he was praising, that I was the author as he downloaded the materials from my site.

The pastor gave him the address of the website and asked him to visit the site and check out things for himself.

The man turned to me and said that by his position in the society, that he didn’t imagine that he should be having marital problems.

I am happy to report that the marriage of the man which was on the verge of collapse or breaks down turned around to blossom.

What I am trying to say is that the man just as many of us in our society thought or assumes that he knew a lot about his marital issues while in an actual sense he didn’t know.

So I wish to ask you, the issue you assume to know, do you have relevant or adequate knowledge of  that issues.

If you visit some newspaper stand in some part of my country, you will observe some people making some political arguments.

In their arguments, they will be exhibiting their ignorance on some issues which they thought they knew about.

So if you don’t want to exhibit ignorance especially on marital issues, then you should go for relevant or adequate knowledge of those issues.

The man in question, I told him as I am telling you now, that as long as he was harboring within himself malice with his wife that he will continue to have marital problems.

That s why Paul admonished us in 1st Corinthians:14:20b “howbeit in malice be ye children”

When it comes to the issue of malice, Paul admonished us that we should be children.

The lifestyle of children is that they may quarrel or fight this minute but in the next minutes, they are together playing, not remembering that they have quarreled.

So to succeed in your marital destiny, you should imbibe the lifestyle of children as far as the issue of malice with your spouse is concerned.

In summary, Apostle Paul was admonishing us that when it comes to the issue of knowledge and understanding, that we should be men and women while as when it comes to in keeping malice, we should be children.

So, my dear, you should not be children in understanding while as in malice we should be children, but in understanding,  we should be men. When we are truly men and women of understanding, it is then that we will excel in every area of our life. Shalom! 

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