Making The Year 2018 Your Year Of Marital Breakthrough

You are highly welcome to the year 2018. That you are still alive in the land of the living is evidence that God had not finished with you. To this end, no matter how your marriage had fared in the year 2017, you can turn it around in the year 2018 as you consciously make the year 2018 your year of marital breakthrough.

In other words, we shall be looking at what to do to make the year 2018 your year of marital breakthrough. To do so, the starting point is first and foremost by taking a conscious analysis of how your marriage fared previous years especially 2017, to what extent did you enjoy your marriage in 2017?

To have a marital breakthrough, couples must conscious accept and be willing to pay the prize to have a marital breakthrough. Bishop David Oyedepo said something in one of his messages,” the reason why many don’t have a breakthrough is that they are repeatedly doing the same thing all over yet expect to get a different result.”

In other words, you must necessarily do different things in 2018 if you wish to have a marital breakthrough. That is to say, you must stop certain things you did in your marriage in 2017 while you need to do certain new things in 2018. If you fail to take new actions but go ahead to repeat the actions you took in 2017 that did not work, you will never get a new result.

So in 2018, couples who wish to have a marital breakthrough, they must consciously accept and willingly decide to do things that will make their spouse fulfilled and happy in their marriage while avoiding things that hurt their spouses.

That is to say if couples should be ready and willing to pay the prize to make their spouse be happy and fulfilled all the time in the year 2018, their doing so will surely cause them have a marital breakthrough.

Specifically, one area that couples need to pay attention and decide a new action to take in 2018 is in the area of their $ex life. Couples will surely have a marital breakthrough in 2018 if they will be willing and ready to take care of each other’s $exual needs.

Satisfying each other $exually is one of the issues that causes quarrels and misunderstanding in marriages. So if couples in 2018 should decide that the issue of satisfying each other $exually will never be an issue again in 2018, they will surely enjoy marital breakthrough.

Talking about the $ex, it is an area that couples need to spice their marriage in 2018. They can do so by changing certain things about their $ex life or by trying different $ex positions as to explore the positions that will enable them to frequently have an orgasm any time they have a $exual relationship.

Moreover, couples that wish to make 2018 their year of marital breakthrough, they must consciously spend time to build intimacy with each. You should realize that lack of intimacy is what caused the breakage of many marriages.

To build intimacy, couples must consciously create and spend quality time with each other. Particularly for some men that complain that they don’t have time as to create intimacy with their wife and family, they should remember what happened to pastor Chris and others, whose marriage crashed because they are apart from each other for years.

As said, couples must necessarily spend quality time with each other, so, by all means, couples should not allow anything to cause them to be apart from each other. Men must forgo certain things if they are to create quality time to build intimacy with their wife and family.

Another thing that couples who desire to enjoy marital breakthrough should do is to consciously decide to build more trust with each other. Lack of trust or mistrust is what caused many marriages to crash. Moreover, couples must endeavor not to break the trust they have for each other.

What about love, the oil that lubricates every marriage? Every couple desiring to enjoy a marital breakthrough in 2018 and beyond must consciously in 2018 take actions that will fuel the growth of their love for each other.

One of the major reasons while some marriages crashed was because they allowed the love for each to get stale, some allowed their love for each other to get sour, while others allowed the love for each to dry up and die.

In other words, in 2018, couples must allow anything to happen to their love for each other; rather they should or strive to remember their first love for each other.

Once couples in 2018 were able to rekindle their first love for each other, nothing would make them betray one another in getting involved with another man or woman.

In addition, in 2018, couples must as a necessity endeavor to play their own responsibilities at home. Most marriages crashed because couples abandoned playing their own role in running the marriage.

Moreover, is your expectation from your spouse realistic? Most couples get frustrated in their marriages because they feel that their spouses are not meeting up with their expectations from them, while all the while, the reason was that they are having unrealistic expectation from their spouse.

Also, couples who wish to enjoy marital breakthrough in 2018, they must consciously learn how to manage conflicts and misunderstandings that may spring up among them. 

To do so, they must consciously practice forgiveness to one another all the time and should never allow bitterness against each other to develop.

They should also never take negative actions based on false assumptions but rather be sure of any issue especially about any action by their spouse. For instance, there was a man who for years of his marriage did not for a day give to his wife a flower.

One day, the man attended a marriage seminar and learned that he suppose to show love to his wife by giving her a flower. Do you know that the woman upon receiving the flower busted and started weeping accusing the husband of been drunk while as he did not provide for his family upkeep?

Above all, to ensure that all that I have said flow freely from the heart and not mechanically, couples should consciously vow to be more committed to their marriage and to each other. 

It is the level of your commitment to your marriage and to each other, that will determine the level of marital breakthrough you will enjoy in 2018. Shalom.


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