Having Champion Mentality, One Ingredient For Success And Breakthrough In Life.

It is unfortunate that most us resigned life Issue to fate; accepting and believing that what will be will be. They fail to realize that life is a give and take, this means that what we get is a function of what we demand out of life I.e. What we put in life and as well as God’s favor. And one ingredient that helps us get maximally out of life is having a champion mentality.

It was Pastor Uwem Offiong that made this assertion sink more inside of me listening to one of the messages “I am a champion”. In that message, he explained that no man or woman ought to be a failure in life because GOD had made us champion even from the womb. Pastor Offiong used the first race in life which took place in our mother’s womb.

In that race, as spermatozoa, out of millions of spermatozoa that was released by our father; we were the fastest to swim to reach your mother’s egg. In other words, you were the one to fertilize your mother’s egg because you fought your way through to be the first to reach the egg of your mother. So you are a champion even in the womb.

Therefore, irrespective of the person we are and our present situation, if we could change our thought and begin to see ourselves as a champion, you will surely win in life. We should never accept failure because God never designed us to fail in life.

Yes, Einstein theorized that most people use less than 10% of their mental capacity. Yet it was José Silva who proved it is possible for the average individual to tap the other 90% to learn to think like a genius, find solutions to complex problems, and even develop science-defying mental capabilities.

If we are able to tap into the 90% of our dormant mental capacity, huge success and breakthrough will be ours. Never fail to read my other article, “the devil can’t stop me, I am in charge”

Once we possess the mentality of a champion, we shall never fail I life. What we see as failures are nothing but setbacks that should serve as stepping stones for our breakthrough in life.

In this life, it is only when we pass the examination of a lower class that we are permitted to move on to the next class. We must possess a champion mentality to have breakthroughs in life.

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