Guidelines For An Exciting Marriage By Pastor Faith Oyedepo

Happy New Month! I welcome you to another enlightening series specifically for you. It is my prayer that this month, which is the final for this year, will deliver to you all your hanging blessings. Throughout this month, we shall focus on the topic: Guidelines for an Exciting Marriage.

In this edition, I shall be sharing with you on: Possessing the Right Perspective about Marriage. It is no doubt that when you possess the right perspective of a thing, it motivates you for a better approach.

Marriage is the union of a man and woman with the view to building a God-centered home. Marriage is honorable; it is a union expected to create a better living for the man.

The kind of marital relationship God intended for every child of God is quite unique; it is ordained for the satisfaction of man’s health needs and desires. The Bible says:

Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor (Ecclesiastes 4:9).

If you believe that the family life was originated by God, then you must let Him be your focus and the center of your marriage to enjoy a blissful family life.

Marriage is unique because it involves the spirit, soul, and body. Apart from being born again, your minds must agree concerning various spiritual issues. Also, both of you must accept the fact that your bodies belong to each other.

Marriage is a covenant relationship which is written and sealed. A good marriage is not a promise; do not wait endlessly to see it fulfilled but work towards it. God has given us a valid manual on marriage – the Bible; therefore, it will be stressful to go through the marital journey outside God’s Word.

It is important to note that according to God’s standard which is clearly stated in His Word, marriage is for a lifetime. Therefore, it shouldn’t be entered into hastily but it is very crucial to have a good understanding before going into marriage.

Countless people are experiencing tough times in their marriages because they entered into it with the wrong perspective. Some, at the expense of finding fulfillment have many wives and are still dissatisfied. Others are separated, while some live a cat and mouse life; wishing someone would deliver them from it someday.

Despite these, there are some who are enjoying their marriages and making a success of it. A good marriage is not by luck, you have to program yourself for it.

Marriage can be likened to a physical house. It is quite impossible to just wake up one day and see a fully built physical house somewhere. No! They are consciously built.

It takes some months and even years of manual and mechanical work to achieve this. In the same vein, a good marriage doesn’t just happen; it is consciously made to happen.

However, as a born again child of God, a successful family life is your birthright. It is God’s will and desire that you to enjoy an exciting marriage. But you must understand that your input is of great significance to its achievement.

Marriage is meant for help, not to hurt or hinder one another. It is not meant to make life worse either. The Bible says: ….I will make him a help…. (Genesis 2:18); Two are better than one…. (Ecclesiastes 4:9).

If you are still single, hoping to get married someday, you must be prepared to be a help to your spouse. As a married person, have you been a hindrance to the success of your marriage? Or do you maintain a ‘survival-of-the-fittest’ attitude?

Your marriage is what you make it be. Even the law of creation forbids things happening by themselves. So, stop waiting for your home to adjust itself.

Do not keep silent watching it the way it is; rather, adjust it with the Originator’s Manual – the Bible. Act on the Word of God and see your home become a heaven on earth.

In case someone has told you, “That’s how life is”, “Just bear it” or “Maybe that’s your lot in life”. Refuse to accept that! It’s not true! That is not what God has designed for you.

Don’t accept less than what God has purposed for you and do not allow the devil or any motivational speaker to deceive you into believing that an exciting marriage is not feasible.

Your marriage can still experience ecstasy and that situation can still change. The breath of life can still find its way into your family if you will co-operate with God.

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