Guidelines For An Exciting Marriage (2) By Pastor Faith Oyedepo

Merry Christmas to you! It is my earnest prayer that this season will be your best ever. In the last edition, you were told that one of the guidelines for an exciting marriage is to possess the right perspective of what marriage is.

God is specifically concerned about your marriage as He desires it to be peaceful and fulfilling. To experience success in these areas, He has made everything available for you. That is why in this edition, I will be teaching on: Keeping Yourself Pure!

It is God’s desire that your marriage is kept pure. Therefore, you must ensure that you keep the marriage bed pure to enjoy the honor of marriage. To protect your marriage from defilement is to protect your destiny.

This is because whatever defiles your marriage affects you and other areas of your life and it would take God’s mercy to restore honor.

God’s Word says: Marriage is honorable in all and the bed undefiled… (Hebrews 13:4). The word ‘undefiled’ simply means kept pure. Whether single or married, to enjoy the honor of marriage, you must ensure you keep the marriage bed pure. If this was impossible, God won’t tell you to do it.

Young men, don’t keep messing around with ladies, thinking nobody knows. Don’t take away the honor that God has in store for you in marriage because He is watching (Proverbs 15:3).

As singles, if you indeed crave an exciting marriage, you must lay a good foundation by keeping yourself pure. It does not matter whether it is acceptable in the society or not. If you think that God will forgive you for doing it, what about the scar?

The marriage bed must remain undefiled because sex is the seal of the marriage covenant. Any sexual relationship engaged in outside marriage breaks the seal and attracts God’s punishment.

Therefore, you must never get yourself involved in it. However, if you have already defiled the bed, repent and ask God for forgiveness; then forsake it immediately.

Apart from the spiritual implication of defilement, many people who engage in it are emotionally destabilized such that it affects their marital life. You can save your marriage from torments by keeping your life pure.

The latter part of our anchor scripture says: …but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge (Hebrews 13:4). The word ‘whore’ simply means harlot. Give no room to the devil, if your soul is actually precious to you.

When you defile the marriage bed, whether you are single or married, it is because your soul is not precious to you.

God made the man with certain physiological and emotional needs and marriage provides the best platform for the fulfillment of those needs. Physiologically, man needs sex. It is part of his physical nature and the satisfaction of that urge is permitted only within the parameters of marriage.

God honors the physical union of a man and his wife by ensuring that they find fulfillment in each other’s body (1 Corinthians 7:2). This is why He frowns at adultery and fornication.

This is not to say that young men and women should rush into marriage with the sole aim of satisfying their sexual urge. That would make them nothing but bed-mates.

The love and excitement in such a relationship never last and that is not God’s plan or purpose for marriage. As a single man or lady, you are expected to control your urge until you are legally married.

The truth is: If you cannot control your sexual drive while single, you probably will not be able to exercise control even when you are married. Going against God’s commandment in this area can be very costly to your home and destiny. Therefore, if you truly have value for yourself;

refuse to fall a victim. The presentation of your body unto the Almighty God as a living sacrifice is your reasonable service unto God (Romans 12:1). It does not matter what you do and the volume of money you give in Church every day. If your body is not kept pure, that service is not acceptable unto God.

Whether single or married, illicit sexual affairs render your service to God unrewarded and will deprive you of enjoying the honor He has destined for you in marriage.

God is much more interested in your personality than your money or what you can do. When your person is acceptable unto God, your service will also be accepted.

Honour in marriage is your heritage in Christ; you need to take it by force by stopping every defilement in your life. Receive grace to practice the Word of God so that you can find fulfillment in your marriage in Jesus’ name!


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