For Ladies Who Wish To Get Marriage Partners To Marry Them.

It is the utmost heart desire of most ladies to settle down by getting marriage to marry them. Some ladies, such desire to get married so consumed them and some get frustrated, some even get a mental problem because men are not asking for their hands in marriage.

The most worrisome aspect is that some of the ladies end up killing themselves by committing suicide when they reach a certain age and did not get any man to marry them because they don’t know what it takes to get men to marry them.

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In our society, there are some celebrities who earlier gave the impression that they don’t want to get married even though they later eventually got married. You see such celebrity as Cameron Diaz.

In other words, every normal lady has the desire even though they may give the impression that they don’t want to marry. The major reason for doing so is because they have not met the right man to marry them. For instance, the lady mentioned above Cameron Diaz got married at the age of 40.

So, as a lady, if it is your heart desire to be married, it is not a bad thing. That desire is put there inside the heart every lady by God so don’t push that desire away. However, the problem is that while as some ladies desire to marry but men are not forthcoming for marriage.

In reality, some ladies have done all they could do to get men to marry them but to no avail. In this post, we shall be looking at top secrets of what it takes to get a man to marry you as a lady. If you will diligently follow these suggestions, you will surely have a choice as men will desire and wish to marry you.
First of all, I wish to point out that this post may not any meaning to you if you have no spiritual inclination. In other words, you must be spiritually inclined to fully understand this post.

Having said that, as a Christian, I wish to point out that one of the reasons why you are still single may have a spiritual connotation. In some of my previous posts, I talked about spirit husband and the issue of curses and spell.

In this segment, we shall be looking at the issue of a spiritual veil. You are a lady, very beautiful to look upon, as well you came from nice family background yet no man had ever asked for your hands in marriage. So you should ask yourself, “Why is it that men are not showing any interest in marrying me”?

Obviously, it is a spiritual matter that the reason why some ladies are still single may not be as a result of spirit husband or a spell/curses but because the devil had covered their faces with a veil.

As long as such veil is on them, men will never see their true beauty. Some, the devil had covered them with the image of old women while some it is the image of an ugly lady.

I know of a sister, 28 years of age. The sister one day cried to the pastor for prayers saying that no man had ever asked for her hands in marriage. As the pastor wanted to pray for her, the lady transformed into an old ugly woman.

That pastor told the sister that she needs deliverance. That was on Friday of that week. After deliverance ministration was carried out on her that removed that veil on her. On Sunday, three of the single brothers approached and proposed marriage to her.

I came to know about that case because one of the men that proposed to her broke his engagement with another lady. It was why trying to handle the case of the brother who wanted to abandon the lady he had paid her dowry.

The man claimed that it was the sister she wanted to marry but any day he wants to propose to her, he normally sees the image of an old woman then but he is seeing the sister in her pretty form.

If that sister had not gone for deliverance, she may have remained single as men would not have sought for her hands in marriage. The same may be your problem, which means that the solution may require your presenting yourself for deliverance.

Secondly, some sisters, by their lifestyle, they are not marriageable. So you need to prove to men that you are marriageable if you want men to seek for your hands in marriage.

The reason is that before a man will seek for your hand in marriage, he must have proved that you are marriageable. It is unfortunate that some ladies desiring to get married are not marriageable.

As part of what proves that you are marriageable is the quality of your character. If you have a loose character, men will never show interest in marrying you. In addition, some ladies are so quarrelsome and that is why men avoid them for marriage.

That is to say that if you want to get a man to marry you, you must necessarily work on yourself especially work or pay attention to your character. Again, some sisters, as a result of their success, they show that you have a domineering spirit by insisting on having their way on every issue.

If men are not convinced that you are not marriageable, the will never seek for your hands in marriage. Even if they propose marriage to you, they will later break the engagement with you.

Look at what happened when Adam saw Eve in Genesis 2:23 And Adam said: “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called a woman because she was taken out of Man.”

When Adam saw Eve, he sighed a sigh of relieve. That is to say, if you are marriageable, a man will be relaxed and comfortable with you as to sigh a sigh of relief that he had found his missing rib in you.

Finally, ask yourself “am I an asset or a liability”? Men prefer generally to marry ladies who are assets more than those who are nothing but liabilities. In other words, you need to be careful or conscious of the demands you are making on men while dating.

A friend once confided on me that the reason he broke his relationship with one lady was that according to the man, the lady was nothing but a bundle of liability, citing the kind of demand she makes while on a date.

If men confirm that you are a liability, they will never show interest to marry you while they will rush to marry once they prove that you are an asset that will add positively to his person and business.

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