For Ladies Who Sincerely Desire To Marry Soon.

The ultimate heart desire of most ladies is to marry and get settled with the husbands of their dream. Some ladies actualized their marital desire in the year 2016 while some are yet to actualize their desire.

As 2016 has come and gone and for you to be alive to see the year 2017 is evidence that God has not finished with you.

That is to say that in this year 2017, if you will play your own part, God will surely cause you to smile as He will cause you to enjoy a marital breakthrough actualize your desire.

To cause your desire to be actualized this year, you definitely need to play your own part. 

The first stepping stone to actualize your heart desire to marry in 2017 is to prove to single men that you are available for marriage. 

To do this, you have to break your relationship with sugar daddy you are relating with.  

You need to break off from men who are not in a position to marry you unless you are ready and willing to be the second wife of a man.

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This is a bitter truth but it must be told, you can’t be relating with a married man, trying to break his marriage while you are expecting God to give you your own husband.

Secondly, you need to leave that man’s house: Some ladies have literally packed into a man’s house, cooking for the man and satisfying him $exually. 

In fact, some are doing with the man what husbands and wives are doing yet the man is not ready or willing to marry them.

Assuming you are currently living with a man, I counsel you that this January 2017, you should sit down with the man and ask him to define his relationship with you. 

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If he refuses, then be assured that he is not ready or willing to marry you.

What if the man has proposed to marry you for the past two to three years yet the proposal is only known to you and no one else? 

You should know that as a lady you time is passing, so I counsel you to pack out of the man’s house and ensure that the man is committed if he is serious about marrying you.

One of the ways to commit him is that you should compel him to come and see your parents and make his marriage intention known to them and secondly, if you are a Christian, insist on him to follow you to see your pastor.

I said this because some men are heartless by toiling with the emotion of some ladies. 

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They propose marriage to more than one sister within a period. Some time ago, a drama took place in one church at the wedding of one brother.

In that story, a brother was to wed one sister but two other sisters wore a wedding gown and sat with the congregation. 

When the officiating minister asked if anybody has anything against that brother being joined with the sister, the other two ladies said yes and came out with their wedding gown.

The other two ladies claimed that the brother was engaged to them for marriage and that they did not know that he was engaged to another sister. When some witness confirmed that it was true, the wedding was called off.

Also, I knew a sister who came to me for counsel because the young man who proposed marriage to her was pestering her for $exual satisfaction. 

The sister was a virgin and was afraid to lose her virginity to any man other than her husband.

I told the lady to bring the man to my office and she did, introducing me as her uncle. 

The day they came to my office, I asked the man if he knew that his proposed wife was still a virgin in which the young man said yes and that he wish to be the one to break her virginity.

As a result, I called the manager of one nearby hotel and asked him to reserve one room in that hotel at my expense and asked the man/lady to go to that hotel to have fun with a clause that he must marry her after breaking the lady’s virginity.

I threatened that if he fails to marry her after, that I will make sure that he get sacked from his place of work and that I will as well use my resources to ensure that he never get married to another sister.

Do you know that the young man was furious and left in anger and that was the end of their relationship? 

What I am saying is that you should not allow any man to play with your marital destiny.

In other words, as long as you are living with the man without being married to him, cooking food for him and satisfying his $exual desire, the man will never make up his mind to marry you.

Also, you should realize that any man who is not serious or willing to marry you, even though he proposed marriage to you, he will surely run away if he feels that you are trying to get him committed.

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Moreover, the reason why some ladies failed to get men to marry them is because they are throwing themselves at men. 

As long as you are throwing yourself at a man, the man will surely see you as a cheap article desperate to get him to marry you.

On the alternative, it is not for you to search and woo a man to marry you but rather a man should woo you. 

All that you should do is to package and position yourself for men to easily find you.

The end of part one, watch out for part two and the concluding part.  Shalom!








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