For Ladies Who Are Available, Ready And Willing To Get Married In 2018

Without missing words, it is the utmost desire of most ladies to get married and settle down. Many ladies have done all they could to get a man to marry them yet no man is forthcoming. As a result, many get so frustrated in life that many commit suicide when they reach a certain age without getting married.

I wish to point out that you are still single because you have not done the right thing as to get a man to marry you. Others desire to marry but they are neither ready nor available for marriage. In other words, for you to get a man to marry you, you must show men evidence that you are available, willing and ready for marriage.

Of a truth, there are ladies who desire to marry but they don’t know how to actualize their desire. As a lady, to actualize your desire to get married in 2018, you must necessarily prove that you are ready and willing and available to get married.

One of the ways you prove that you are ready is by the prize you are ready and willing to pay to actualize your desire. What I am trying to say is that there are ladies who desire to marry but they are not ready and willing to pay the prize or to forgo opportunities to get married.

Another way to show how ready, prepared and willing to get married is by taking action to find out the reasons that had prevented them from getting married and confronting it headlong. In some of my previous posts, I said certain things about curses and spells, one of the issues that prevent ladies from getting married.

It is an obvious fact, there are ladies who are suffering under the weight of certain curses and spells they knew nothing about. Many suffer many heart breakages by reason of many disappointments from men.

The bible said in Proverbs 26:2 that as the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come. However, there are curses that are not causeless. For instance, there was a man that promised a woman marriage and they related for over five years.

At the end, the man abandoned the woman and went and married another person. The woman that was abandoned placed a curse on the man saying that what he did to her that other men will surely do the same to all her daughters. That was many years ago.

Last year, one sister came to me with a problem that she and her two senior sisters are getting disappointment from men over the issue of marriage.

I referred the lady to a pastor friend of mine that deals with deliverance and God revealed by the word of knowledge the root cause of their problem. The pastor told her to go and ask her father about the woman he disappointed.

The father of the lady confirmed that one woman he disappointed place a curse on him because of disappointing her. The three sisters, because their mother was dead insisted that their father should accept to go and apologize to the woman since they are from the same village and should be ready to marry her in place of their late mother.

To cut the long story short, their father accepted and went and apologized to the woman and as well went ahead to marry her. Six months after their marriage, the three sisters all got married, two of them by men who earlier abandoned them.

As a lady, what I want you to learn from the above story is that the three sisters got the curses placed on their father broken and the result was their marriages within six months. So what I am saying is that your remaining single may be because of a generational curse operating in your family.

My humble suggestion is that you should take action to find out the root cause why men are not interested in seeking for your hands in marriage. One of the easiest ways to go about it is to subject yourself for deliverance.

You should subject yourself for deliverance not only for the issues of curses and spells but also for the issue of spirit husband. You should know that if you have the issue of spirit husband that you will never get married unless you break the hold of the spirit husband.

In summary, what I am saying is that you should take action by proving that you are ready, willing to pay the prize to confront whatever is the issue hindering you from getting married. Also, there is need to change your lifestyle as evidence that you are ready, available and willing to get married. Shalom

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