Do you know that You Too Can Enjoy A Sweet And Exciting Marriage?


If you look at some couples, you don’t need a prophet to tell you that they are having the best of time in their marriages; they are enjoying sweet and exciting marriages. Other couples, the issue of sweet marriages seem to them a mirage.

I went to visit my wife in her office and one woman looked at her and told her that she is enjoying sweet and exciting marriage. I turned and told her that she too can enjoy sweet and exciting marriage. Authoritatively I wish to point out that it is possible “you too can move on and start enjoying sweet and exciting marriage”.

Those who are enjoying sweet and exciting marriages are those that they knew and have applied the secrets that make for successful marriages in their own marriages. While as other couples are totally ignorant of what it takes to enjoy sweet and exciting marriages.

In other words, the reason why some to enjoy sweet and exciting marriage is that they don’t know the secrets of what it takes to enjoy sweet and exciting marriage and are not willing to learn. Their major problem is over assumption, they assume knowing the secrets while as they don’t know.

Yes, you may be a huge success in other areas or fields of life endeavors but woeful failure in your home and marriage. You should ask and answer to yourself the following simple questions:

Since you got married, the man or woman you are married to, are you happy and proud that you married him or her.

Assuming you are allowed to make the choice of who to marry all over again, will you still choose her as your wife? And will you accept him to be your husband?

Without missing a word, for me assuming I am asked to make the choice of who to marry all over again, I will still choose my present wife.

Now that you are married, don’t assume that you made a mistake in the choice of who you married. You may not have made a mistake of the man or woman you married rather your problems may have resulted from maladjustment.

In other words, your problems may be that you have not adjusted adequately to each other (two of you are not adequately adjusted to each other).

This is exactly the problem with some couples – “they had maladjustment” they are not enjoying sweet exciting marriages because they had maladjustment. This is because marriage is a union between two opposite $ex, who have different temperaments and coming from different backgrounds.

For a couple to enjoy each other in their marriage, it is pertinent that they are successfully adjusted to each other. Successful adjustment to each other means that couples understand each other’s temperaments, understand each other’s likes and dislike, as well as love and trust each other.

Couples should cherish each other very well and should be best of friends. Their $ex life as well is marvelous because each knows when any of them desire $ex and are willing and are ready to satisfy each other at any moment.

You can’t claim to be enjoying sweet marriage when you are struggling and quarreling over the issue of $ex in your marriage. There are couples who are engaged in extra-marital affairs, in other words, infidelity.

For couples to enjoy sweet and exciting marriage to the fullness, they need to take drastic steps to ensure that the following are in place in your marriage:

(1) First, Take time and effort to study your spouse, know his or her temperament, his or her likes, and dislike. However, you need to know your own temperament before you think of knowing the temperament of your spouse.

(2) Secondly, you should know the strength of your love and trust for each other. Is the strength of your love and trust for each other strong or weak? Take steps and effort to ensure that your love and trust for each other is growing day by day.

Moreover, be conscious or careful not to betray the love and trust your spouse have for you. Most cracks in a marriage started when one of the spouses feel betrayed.

(3) Thirdly, Ensure that you are living up to your responsibilities in marriage. If there is any reason why you may not be able to meet up with your marriage responsibilities, diplomatically let your spouse know.

(4) Fourthly, I wish to point out that enjoying sweet marriage does not entail the absence of quarrels and conflicts. In fact, we should realize that it is in the process of conflict management that proper adjustments are achieved i.e. we get adjusted adequately to each other.

(5) Lastly, try to avoid the interference of a third party in your marriage. Never borrow what is happening with couples already enjoying sweet marriage and try to enforce it in your own marriage. Allow the love and trust for each other to grow. When the love and trust for each other grow to a formidable force, it will withstand any obstacle that may come in between.

To your marital success and welcome to sweet and exciting marriage, I rest my Biro; stay focused and committed to your marriage. Shalom!


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