Your Destiny Is In Your Hands, Do Something About It!

Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe that some people are born to be rich and others a born to be poor? 

Do you believe that where you are today is not where you ought to be and meant to be?

Some people pass through this life leaving footprint all over the place, while others pass through life unnoticed, which one are you.

It is said that the richest place in a city is not the central bank nor the commercial bank, but the graveyard. 

This is because lay buried there are men and women, youths who died wretchedly yet destiny and were meant to be multimillionaires.

Men and women who were born to be great yet they died a pauper because their potentials were never realized in their lifetime.

I wish to ask, do you think that you are living up to your full life potentials or is your potentials not been wasted?

My dear, the essence of writing this article is to get you into thinking, to let you realize that you too can make it, to get you from been a spectator to been an actor yourself.

To get you from singing praises of celebrities to been a celebrity yourself. Yes, I believe it is possible but do you believe it yourself?

Yes, I believe what Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 9:11 ”I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise nor yet riches to men of understanding nor yet favor to men of skill, but time and chance happened to them all.”

So I am writing to motivate you to Grab the time and chance that do happen to all men and women, to do something about your life. 

If you will accept my counsel, then you need to get up and do something about your life.

Some people who desire to make it in life yet they are wasting their lives due to laziness, some are ever busy yet doing nothing.

I said this because if you see the numbers of hours some spent on the internet, chatting on facebook to precise you wonder if they have nothing doing in life.

Of a truth, some are so lazy that they can never take the time to Read what will add something to their lives. 

Like this article, some will surely glance only through the pages without reading them.

My dear, you are a product of what you read, no wonder Bishop David Oyedepo keep saying that he is a product of books because he is a huge success because he spent quality reading other people materials.

That is to say, if you will take time, to sit down read and get some quality information that will increase your knowledge, you will see your life transform for the better and that will move you to the next level in life.

You have too much time on that spot, you need to get ready to move to the next level. Yes, I registered this blog site to help move you to your next level in life.

I have visited some blog sites and observed that more than 80% of the contents are gossips and pictures, yet the blog sites are so popular that many spent their time to make comments about those pictures.

Get me right, I am not saying that there is anything wrong with that, but my concern is “when will you move from being a spectator to be an actor yourself, from singing praises of celebrities to been a celebrity yourself?”

I wish to ask, are you comfortable and satisfied with where you are presently in life? 

No matter where you are present, there are still plenty room for improvement, only if you are ready and willing to do something by paying the prize for that upward movement in life.

Every worthy achievement in life has some responsibilities and prize attached to them. What is your own, are you ready and willing to pay the prize.

Note that where you are today is a product of your actions of yesterday, and your present actions will determine where you will be tomorrow.

If great men and women had their success by paying a certain prize for their success, why to envy them when we can pay a similar prize to get to a similar pace they are or similar achievement they have.

You only need to believe in yourself because I myself believe in you that if you follow the right steps and principles, you can make it yourself. Get ready for a breakthrough in life.

I am promising you that this Web Site, GOD helping us will provide you the quality information you need to make that upward movement in life.

However it all depends on you because there is a prize attached, you need to take a time to read through and digest the articles to enable you to pick relevant information that you need to apply in your everyday life.

Talking about an application, there are who spent a time to gather quality information, but they don’t benefit them because they fail to take action, to apply what they have learned t.

Knowledge is power, so go for knowledge and spend less time watching movies or pictures that do not add anything to your life. 

Try to plan and discipline yourself; you will surely make it GOD willing.

Until I come your way again, keep a date with this website and equally tell friends about it by sharing with friends.


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