Dealing With The Issue Of “But” In Our Lives For A Marital Breakthrough.

The heart desire of every man or woman desiring marriage is to get the man or woman of their choice. In other words, we all have dream husbands or dream wives. But why so many fail to locate their dream partner is the result of failing or refusing to deal with certain negative issues in their lives. I call these issues the “But” of our life.

Taking the picture of Naaman of the BIBLE as our reference point as we can see in 2Kings Chapter 5:1 “Now Naaman, captain of the host of the king of Syria, was a great man with his master, and honourable, because by him the LORD had given deliverance unto Syria: he was also a mighty man in velour, but he was a leper.” You see how Naaman was described” he was a great man” and “honorable” however, the “But” in his life was that “He was a leper”

We all have “But” in our lives and in some, these “but” are so grievous that they are preventing them from getting what they desired, that calls for us to deal ruthlessness with these issues or the But in our life.

Bringing this home, many ladies out there in our society, they are very beautiful to behold (but beauty is not edible as one musician puts it), they are well to do and many of them came from a very good family background.

Yet they are still single as no man is accepting to marry them. Some are not bothered about marriage while a greater number of them seem to be bothered as they are getting aged. Many seem not to understand why men are not coming to marry them despite their beauty and other qualities.

Well, my dear, I wish to put it to you that the major reasons are the “But” in your life; men seem not to tolerate them. Some don’t know these while some knew and unless these “but” are dealt with, it may be hard for some to marry. Some who end up marrying but their marriage never stood the taste of time as it gets crashing within the shortest time.

To get rid of “But” in our life, we must show evidence of our seriousness to get rid of them. Therefore, the first thing we need to do is to carry out a personal or self-analysis of our person or request especially a close friend you have, who you can trust to tell you the “But” in your life.

In most cases, we pick offense when certain “But” or negatives in our lives are pointed out, instead of accepting them in good faith and deal with these issues, we pick offense.

Secondly, after identifying these issues or the “but”, the next thing is to deal ruthlessness with them. Some of these issues, we can deal with them personally while others; they may require external persons to help us in dealing with them.

Whether you accept it or not, the issue of Spirit Husband is behind many negative issues in the lives of some ladies. Many ladies, out of shame even though they knew they have spirit husband they refuse to go for deliverance while others don’t know.

Some ladies, who knew, they are seeking deliverance in certain wrong places and that is the reason why some fail to get deliverance.

For others, the “But” in their life is their lifestyle as they are so notorious for their lifestyle. One of such ladies was bold to pose topless, exposing her boobs which she posted on the net saying that she is dedicating the nudity to Ahmed Musa, the star of Nigeria match with Argentina during the last world cup in Brazil.

Ladies, you should know that Irresponsible men enjoy watching such nude pictures while responsible men and potential husbands detest seeing such pictures.

In dealing with the “but” in your life, know one thing, men will want to marry you for 3 major reasons (1) your beauty (2) your spirituality and (3) your character. Any lady who lacks all of these qualities, it will be hard for such lady to get a befitting suitor.

That is to say is there any “But” in your physical appearance or the way you make up as well as the way you often dress? If you are a Christian, your spirituality plays important role in the kind of a brother that will want to marry you.

Talking about spirituality especially in Christian cycle, a man who is highly spiritual will never consider you if you are not spiritual your beauty notwithstanding. What about your character?

Your character is what amplifies your marital life, meaning that no matter the state of your beauty or spirituality, if there is any issue or but in your character, men will surely run away from you.

In summary, I assure you, after trashing the “But” in your life, the moment you deal with them, you will see that men will rush and start competing who will be the person that will win your hands in marriage.

In order words, your problem will be making choice of who to choose as a husband. Yes, I pray for that, for you and am looking forward seeing you get married soon. Until I come your way again, stay committed to dealing ruthlessly with that “but” in your life.


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