Dealing With Evil Forces Destroying Marriages.

In our society today, what many people fail to understand is that there are so many things happening in our lives and marriages that go beyond the ordinary. In other words, there are certain forces that are controlling and manipulating certain things in our marriages.

So when I said that couples should carry out spiritual check-up, some may tell me that they don’t need it as they say they don’t believe in evil spirits or forces. Yet there are certain things happening in your life and marriage that suggest the presence of evil forces. When an evil spirit or force is present, the spirit may never allow you to enjoy your marital life to the fullness.

For instance, I know a couple, according to the man, most a time; he ends up sleeping on the cushion in the parlor because his wife does push him out of the bed. Before that used to happen, he used to sense as if someone walks into their bedroom.

To him, he feels as if he is sharing his bedroom with his wife and as well as an unseen man. What broke the camel’s back was his wife doing this to him where they were lodged in a hotel room.

The man came to me for advice and I told him that I suspect that he is dealing with a spirit husband and that he should take his wife for deliverance. I wish to confess that the couples started to enjoy their marriage after her deliverance.

Also, I know of another case in which a man beat his wife. According to the man, he said that he has no quarrel with his wife before that but one day they were eating dinner together but after the wife only ate one of the three types of meat, leaving two lumps of meat for him.

The man said that he did not know what came over him that he started beating his wife for taking one meat before him. He so beat her that after taking her to the hospital where I meet him shading tears for what he has done to his wife.

I wish to confess that most of the domestic violence we have today are the result of manipulation. Back to our story, what made the man to shade tears was that he could not imagine raising his hand to punch his wife.

As usual, I advised the man that he is dealing with a jealous spirit wife who doesn’t want to share him with another woman. I told him that if he fails to go for deliverance to get rid of that evil woman, that he may be manipulated to kill his wife.

Have you wondered what may have caused these actions? All these actions are far from ordinary.

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Again if it is not evil forces, what would have pushed a man to be sleeping or having $ex with her biological daughter or with her maid in the house or with an underaged girl? What do you think is responsible for a woman to raise her hand to slap her husband?

For instance look at this life story: there was a man, a professor and his wife is a magistrate. Would you imagine that this incident could happen? The above couple is living in a duplex, with 17 years old house helps with his two sons all undergraduate.

The magistrate started noticing certain actions of her husband towards her house helps? She quickly sent the house helps home. She sent the 17 years old house help packing and brought another house help, a ten years old.

The room where the girl was sleeping, the woman instructed her to be locking it. But one night, to the dismay of the woman, she went into the girl’s room and found it unlocked. She was informed by the girl that “oga” told her not to be locking the door.

Less than one week after the arrival of the girl, the woman heard the scream of the girl late one night and rushed only to behold her husband on top of that girl pounding her with blood all over, the girl was shading tears as the man was doing so.

The loud scream was caused by the man’s entry inside the girl breaking her hymen as that was the first time the girl was having $ex. The woman broke down in tears at the action of her husband; she took the girl and cleaned her up after consoling her.

The following day the woman went and told her pastor who told her that the incident wasn’t ordinary that the husband was under an influence of a demonic spirit. The pastor arranged a deliverance ministration for the family and true to his fear evil spirits in the professor started confessing how he had been having $ex with the former house helps.

After the deliverance, the woman went and brought back the old house help, took her to the hospital and to her shock the young girl was two months old pregnant courtesy of the professor.

If the above incident didn’t happen, the professor or his wife would not have agreed or accepted that an evil spirit or force was hiding inside the man. So don’t be quick to dismiss the issue of demonic spirit especially the issue of spirit husband or wife because they are real.

Moreover, these days it is so rampant these days of women taking pleasure in having $sex with their biological sons. Do you think that such actions are ordinary?

So I counsel you, take action, take steps and carry out a spiritual check-up to confirm that no external or evil spirit or forces are influencing your marriage or action. You do so by presenting yourself for spiritual deliverance.

Until I come your way again, stay focused and committed to your marriage and relationships. Shalom.


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