Dealing With Common Marital Problems Plaguing Our Marriages

This is the first part of the series “Dealing with common marital problems plaguing our marriages”. Today, we shall be looking at two of the most common but most grievous of all the common marital problems. As we deal with them, your own common marital problems will be over in Jesus name.

As said, there are some common marital problems plaguing our marriages, bringing it to its knee, some marriages had been broken and crushed by them. These problems are so common in our marriages, but they are grievous and had crashed many marriages and is still crashing marriages.

But because these problems are so rampant in our society, they are classified as common marital problems. We will look at these problems and how to deal with them.

The first of these common marital problems is infidelity. Infidelity, defined as “an act of unfaithfulness or disloyalty, especially to a $exual partner”. Infidelity is so common in our marriages, but they are grievous that they have crashed marriages and are still crashing marriages.

Be it as they were, so common but grievous and had crashed marriages, it had also cost the lives of many offending partners who lost their lives because they were involved in infidelity as the parties were so offended, so hurt and grieved that they killed their offending partners.

Even though it is a common marital problem, infidelity is the height of betrayal that is the reason why it is so grievous. Because the offended parties view the act of betrayal, they feel deeply hurt and betrayed. The Solution lies in never to start in getting involved in infidelity as it is hard to stop when started.

If you are an offending party, the solution lies in going to your partner in repentance to ask for his or her forgiveness, promising or assuring him/her never to get involved in infidelity again.

And as the party that was offended, you have no option than to forgive the offending party from the depth of your heart if he/she seeks your forgiveness.

The second of the common marital problem has to do with $exual maladjustment or disharmony: Some marriage partners claim that they are $exually starved in their marriage while some claim that their partners are so $exually over demanding. Some claim that they are not $exually satisfied by their partner or that they are not satisfying their partner.

I call the above situation $exually maladjustment or disharmony. It is equally grievous because it had crashed and is still some marriages. One peculiar thing about $exual maladjustment is that it brings about a chain reactions.

This is because infidelity mentioned in point one is one of the offshoots of $exual maladjustment. Once there is $exual maladjustments or disharmony, other negative issues follow suit.

If you observe that you have $exual maladjustment or disharmony, the solution is never to blame or quarrel with your partner nor seek satisfaction outside of your marriage. As said, it is not a time to lay blame on one another of who is responsible or who is not responsible. The Solution is to come together as a couple, discuss and pinpoint the problem.

As said, it is not a time to lay blame on one another of who is responsible or who is not responsible. The Solution is to come together as a couple, discuss and pinpoint the problem.

Problems once mutually pinpointed are half solved. Couples who genuinely pinpointed the cause of their $exual disharmony or maladjustments, the next is to seek the solution to the problems identified.

Please seek solution or counseling to this $exual maladjustments from experts. As you may have read from my profiles, I am a naturally shy person, so I am sorry I can’t go beyond this in talking about $exual matters so seek a solution from a more qualified and knowledgeable person in this matter. To be continued……….

This is the end of part one of the series, next time we will look at more or other common marital problems plaguing our marriages and their solutions. Till I come your way again, remain blessed, focused and committed to your marriage. In doing so, your marriage will ever enjoy a successful and exciting marriage. Shalom.


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