Dealing With The Issue Of Infidelity In Marriage

Over the years, infidelity has been the bane of our society and the cause of the crash of many marriages. Yes, marriages rises and falls and the cause of the collapse of most of the marriages can be traced to the unfaithfulness of couples to their marriage bed.

When one or both couples are unfaithful to each other and to their marriage bed, other negative issues start to follow which may end up crashing the marriage.

In this post, we shall be discussing how to deal with the issue of infidelity in marriage. We shall look at the Causes of infidelity and how to prevent infidelity from occurring in your marriage.

In reality, most couples are directly or indirectly responsible for their spouses getting involved with other men/women. However, if your spouse had gotten involved in infidelity, it should never be the end of your marriage.

You should not because of it rush to the court to divorce him or her. I suggest, before you take an action, you should ascertain what actually could have possibly caused him or her to get involved with other men or women.

You should not because of it rush to the court to divorce him or her. I suggest that before you take an action, you should ascertain what actually could have possibly caused him or her to get involved with other men or women.

There are women who are fond of starving or denying their husbands of $ex, and as a result, some men are pushed to seek for $exual satisfaction outside their matrimonial homes.

So, if you are a woman and is guilty of denying or starving your husband of $ex, if he happens to get $exually involved with other women, you are to be blamed as you are responsible for that.

If you don’t want to see your husband get involved with other women, then you should as a matter of necessity ensure that you satisfy him $exually all the time without conditional attached.

Also, there are women who have lost their $ex appeal before their husbands. Such women, their husbands no longer have desires to have a $exual relationship with them.

The men involved drive pleasure in meeting other women for $exual satisfaction. So, as a married woman, you should do everything possible not to put your husband in such a situation.

On the other hands, there are men who indirectly push their wives to get involved with other men. These are men who abandon their wives and families, men who fail to take care of providing for the needs of their families.

Some women in such marriages above are forced to seek for assistance from other men. In such a situation, you can trust men; they capitalize on such situation to demand $exual satisfaction as a condition of providing the assistance.

So if you are a man, you should ensure that you are living up to your responsibilities toward you wife and family.

You should never put your wife in a situation that could force her to seek for assistance from other men, the assistance of which are your responsibilities and which you should take care of.

Also, there are men who cannot perform, that is men who cannot satisfy their wives on the bed. Such women whose husbands cannot satisfy $exually on the bed, they are forced to seek for sexual satisfaction outside with other men. As a man, pray that you should never put your wife in such a situation.

In another development, there are married women who are abandoned by their husbands and they are so lonely, un-cared for in their marriage.

These women desire and seek for intimacy and companionship from their husbands but their husbands keep denying them such intimacy and companionship.

As a result, such women easily fall prey to the antics of other men who capitalize in such situation by providing the affection, intimacy, and companionship such women needed.

With time, such women fall in love with such men who offered them intimacy and companionship, and are sooner than later, they got sexually involved with such men.

As a married man, if you know women, you will observe that one of the most important things they need and desire from you is intimacy. Most a time, all they need from you is for you to listen to them pour their heart to you.

So you need to provide for them the opportunity to show that intimacy. If you deny them that, other men could easily fill that vacuum created and that could eventually lead her getting involved with other men.

Moreover, one of the reasons why I counsel couples not to rush to divorce their partner over the issue of infidelity is because there are men and women who get involved with other men or women, not with their normal senses.

That is to say, there are men or women who are manipulated to do what they may not have imagined doing.

What brings about such situation above most times is the use of on conventional means such as spells, enchantments and charms.

I wish that you realize that another man or woman could use unconventional means to manipulate your husband or wife into committing extramarital affairs.

Any man or woman could be involved meaning that it could happen to you.

When you talk of infidelity in marriage, men are mostly guilty, but a woman who is conscious would never allow another woman to snatch her husband over the issue of infidelity as there are women who seduce other men to have affairs with them.

I am saying this because I have witnessed this happen a number of times. The marriage of a woman was rescued recently by one pastor.

According to the information, the woman came to the pastor to inform him that she was leaving her husband, that he was having extra-marital affairs with another woman even in their matrimonial bed.

The end of the above story was that it was another woman who was using unconventional means to control and manipulate the woman’s husband.

After the prayer of deliverance for the man, he came to his senses and confessed that he couldn’t imagine to have descended so low as to have extramarital affairs in his matrimonial home.

For instance, would imagine that this story to be true? “A woman caught her twin sister red handed with her husband naked in an underground park”?


You should realize that when another woman is after your husband, she can go to any length to achieve her aim. But the question is, will you allow it happen to your husband?

If you happen to catch your husband read handed with another woman, what will you do?

Until I come your way again, stay committed to your marriage and you should never allow infidelity to crash your marriage. Shalom


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