Couples and Their Marital Vows.

Looking at some marriages, the pomp and pageantry that followed their marriage wedding, one could not imagine that such marriages could later have an ugly story to tell, that some of these marriages later failed.

The fact still remains, one of the reasons why some marriages failed is because couples involved in such marriages forgot or failed to keep their marriage vow. Couples who remember to keep their marriage vow, they never think of divorcing each other.

Recently reading the book of Revelation chapter 2:4, the issue Jesus had against the Church of Ephesus was that they had left and forsaken their first love “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee because thou hast left thy first love”.

One of the reasons that caused the failure of so many marriages is because couples in such marriages had forgotten or forsaken and left their first love, resulting in their love for each other becoming stale and sour. As a result, lots of negative things start to go wrong with such marriage.

Of a truth, lots of marriages are barely surviving break up and are managing to hold on. Marriages that are shaking, if couples involved in such marriages would consciously and genuinely renew their marital vows to each other, their marriages will surely have a positive turn around.

The reason why there are crises in some marriages is that they had forgotten or failed to keep their marital vows. Needless to say, that a top reason some couples easily jump into bed with other men or women in extramarital affairs is that they could not remember to keep their marital vows.

The top reason some couple rushes into court and file for divorce is that they had forgotten and forsaken their marital vows to each other. If couples could renew their marital vows they would surely pick up from where they had fallen.

A lot of vows read thus “with this ring I do wed thee, it is a token of my love for you.”A lot of men remove their marriage ring which is a sign of their vows before they climb on top of other women in extramarital affairs.

The same is true with many women; they remove their marriage rings before they open their laps for other men in extramarital affairs. As long as that ring is on your finger, it should remind you of your marital vows and should never think of breaking it.

What about this vow “I take you to be my wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish ’till death do us part. And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness”.

Some couples who rush to the court as to end their marriage in divorce over trivial issues, if only they could remember and have their marriage vows at the back of their mind, they won’t have done so.

The reasons why there are lots of infidelity in our marriages today is because many have forgotten and forsaken their marital vows. Also, reasons, why there are crises in our marriages, are because we have forgotten and forsaken our marital vows.

Many things we are doing in our marriages today that is wrong are because we have forsaken and forgotten our marital vows. It is, therefore, necessary that if couples should genuinely come together and renew their marital vows their marriage will have a positive turn around.

When we renew our marital vows, lots of infidelity going on will stop because we will break off with other men or women that we engage in extramarital affairs with. When we renew our marital vows, much-soured love between couples will surely be restored, so don’t wait, do it immediately.

Also, after renewing your marital vows, you should re-dedicate your marriage and be ready and willing to be more committed to your marriage. It is said that a word is enough for the wise.

Don’t wait until your marriage collapses before you do what is necessary to be done. I am done for now until I come your way again remain blessed, stay focused and get committed more to your marriage as to enjoy your marriage better. Shalom.

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