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Building A Strong, Healthy And Successful Relationships

Whether single or married, there is a need to build a strong and successful relationship. If you are still single, it is a strong, healthy and successful relationship that you build which could eventually lead to marriage.  If you are married already, you can build a strong and healthy marriage relationship that could result in you’re enjoying your marriage to the fullness.

To build a strong, healthy and successful relationship, the two people involved in that relationship must be consciously and committed to building that relationship to be strong, healthy and successful. It is the level of the commitment of the two that will determine if the relationship will be strong, healthy and successful or not.

It is the level of your commitment that will determine if your willingness and readiness to pay the price to make that relationship to be strong and successful. Show me two people who are committed to their relationship, and I will show you a relationship that will be strong and successful. Read more »

4 Tips for Building a Strong and Healthy Foundation for an Enduring Marriage.

Tips for building strong foundation for your marriage

The strength of any building is the foundation and a building with a faulty foundation and structural defect, no matter how beautiful the building may appear, it will surely collapse sooner or later.

The same is true of marriages. On earth today, there are quite a number of marriages that by mere looking at its foundation, you don’t need any prophet to tell you that their foundations are faulty.

As such, such marriage will surely fail in the near future. Such marriages, you see them blossoming today but collapse tomorrow. Therefore if you are married or about to marry, if you wish to have a successful marriage, if you wish to enjoy your marriage to the fullness, then you need to build a strong foundation for your marriage.

The two partners must imbibe the following blocks used for building a strong and healthy foundation for marriages and relationships. And when you do, your marriage will be as strong as ever.

The first or the chief corner stone upon which every marriage foundation stands upon is Trust. Couples need to build very strong trust for each other, and for such couples, their marriage foundations are unshakable. In our society today, what is killing many marriages is the lack of trust for one another. Read more »

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