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The Master Keys To Enjoying A Marital Breakthrough

The issue of marital breakthroughs is the desire of most couples, but while as some couples are enjoying their marriage relationship to the fullness the marriages of others are in crises while some their marriage is gross failure. The difference between those enjoying their marriage and those whose marriages have failed is knowledge and ignorance. Some couples don’t know what it takes to enjoy a marital breakthrough. As such, some couples are doing in their marriages what they ought not to be doing while failing to do what they supposed to be doing in their marriage. Moreover, some couples fail to realize that to enjoy a marital breakthrough, there is a necessary price to pay, but some couples wish to…
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So You Wish To Get Your ’Ex’ Back?

The break of some relationship may be devastating and traumatic. Some don’t recover from the trauma that resulted from it. Left for some people, their heart desire is to get such relationship to continue. I read many articles on many sites that wrote on “how to get your ‘ex’ back”. So we shall be looking at reasons why you should seek or never seek to get your “ex” back. First and foremost, you must know what actually caused your ex to leave you. There are men who are in deep relationship with some ladies. During that period of their relationship, other men and potential husbands may look at their relationship and think that they are going to get married. However,…
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Dealing With Common Marital Problems Plaguing Our Marriages

This is the first part of the series “Dealing with common marital problems plaguing our marriages”. Today, we shall be looking at two of the most common but most grievous of all the common marital problems. As we deal with them, your own common marital problems will be over in Jesus name. As said, there are some common marital problems plaguing our marriages, bringing it to its knee, some marriages had been broken and crushed by them. These problems are so common in our marriages, but they are grievous and had crashed many marriages and is still crashing marriages. But because these problems are so rampant in our society, they are classified as common marital problems. We will look at…
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Women And $ex: Between Your Legs Is A Secret Treasure You Must Safeguard

Lady, between your legs, is the world that many men want to enter, but you decide who goes in. There are consequences if a man enters there, good or bad. Men will want to go inside your vagina because of two reasons: Love or lust. You need to discern well. Every lady must know the story of Tamar in the Bible, (2 Samuel 13:1-21). A beautiful woman who was desired by a selfish man called Amnon. Amnon is the classic example of a man who looks at a woman and only thinks about having $ex with her. Amnon lusted after Tamar, and just like any selfish man, he used the word “love” in a loose and casual way. Some men…
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