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7 Secrets of Happy Couples By Melanie Greenberg

The most crucial fundamentals of any relationship.

We all want loving and successful relationships, but we don’t always know how to achieve them. Over time, negative cycles can develop and loving feelings can turn into frustration, disappointment, and even rage.

The more you try to get your partner to do what you want and need, the less he or she seems inclined to do so. Or maybe you’re in the honeymoon stage of a relationship and want to know how to make the good feelings last. Read more »

Following God’s Principles Of Marriage That Never Fails

According to Myles Monroe, you must follow the manufacturer’s manual if you don’t want to damage a new product you bought. It was when I damaged a new electronic I bought that the reality of what late Dr. Myles Monroe said became clear to me.

That electronic, I plugged it directly to an electric socket and the transformer got burnt because that electronic needed a power step down.

Instead, I plugged it directly to power contrary to what was specified by the manufacturer manual but I did not look at the manual before I started using it. Read more »

The Master Keys To Enjoying A Marital Breakthrough

The issue of marital breakthroughs is the desire of most couples, but while as some couples are enjoying their marriage relationship to the fullness the marriages of others are in crises while some their marriage is a gross failure.

The difference between those enjoying their marriage and those whose marriages have failed is knowledge and ignorance. Some couples don’t know what it takes to enjoy a marital breakthrough. As such, some couples are doing in their marriages what they ought not to be doing while failing to do what they supposed to be doing in their marriage. Read more »

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