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Mother Who Shot Daughter’s 3 Rapists And Killed 1 Released From Jail And Will Not Be Prosecuted

A community is celebrating after prosecutors announced their decision to drop all charges against a mother who shot three rapists in self-defense. The mother of South Africa was arrested after she killed a man and wounded two others while they were raping her daughter. The woman had been charged with murder and attempted murder while the two men who survived the gunshot wounds, were charged with rape. After pressure from the public, the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa (NPA), dropped the charges against the mother. According to the police report, the woman, who has not been named, said that she heard her 27-year-old daughter screaming for help. The cries were coming from an abandoned home. As she went inside,…
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Unbelievable: A Man Arrested For Killing A Pastor And Making Soup With His Intestines

A man in Nigeria, was arrested for murder and cannibalism after killing and eating a pastor. Rivers State Commissioner for Police Zaki Ahmed, said that Pastor Samuel Okpara was abducted two weeks ago. He was then beheaded, and his intestines were removed. Police offered a reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect. After receiving tips from the public and many hours of detective work, police have arrested 25 people from an alleged notorious kidnapping ring for the murder of Okpara. One of the members of the gang, Roland Peter, is being considered a cannibal after police claim he used the victim’s liver and intestines “to make pepper soup, which he served to the gang.” Peter admits that…
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While Real Mothers Are Protecting Their Daughters, A Monster Mother Charges Elderly Men To Have $ex With Her 12-Year-Old Daughter

While Real Mothers Are Protecting Their Daughters, A Monster Mother Charges Elderly Men To Have $ex With Her 12-Year-Old Daughter  This happened in the Cross River State of Nigeria where police have arrested this mother of five children for using her daughter as a way to raise money to support her family. According to the information from neighbors, it was said that all of the women’s five children all have a different father.  The woman Udoaka Sunday by name, her oldest child is 12-years-old while her youngest is an infant whom she is still breastfeeding. Cross River State Police Command arrested this monster mother and the three men. These three men include a retired soldier who was identified as 78-year-old…
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Revenge For Sleeping With His Daughter, A Man Chops Off 15-Year-Old Boy’s Manhood And Gouges Out His Eyes

A teenager was tortured and became disabled after he allegedly slept with a teenage girl. The girl’s father was furious after he believed that his daughter had sex with another teenager before she was married so he took revenge against the boy. The father of Lahore, Pakistan, cut off the 15-year-old boy’s manhood and gouged out his eyes. According to police, the girl’s father and his three accomplices kidnapped the victim from his school and they drove him to a deserted place near the Ravi River. There they cut off his manhood and gouged out his eyes as revenge, and then fled. The teenager was found bleeding profusely by a passerby. He was taken to the Jinnah Hospital Doctors were…
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