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How Do I Tell My Son That His Biological Father Is My Elder Brother?

I got this mail recently from a woman and I am publishing it with her permission requesting that you offer her your advice. Here goes her letter:

Princevinco, my name is Ogechukwu and I am writing to say that I am in a deep mess and wish that you help by offering me your advice of what to do to come out of this mess, the mistake I made thirteen years ago.

While growing up as a young girl I was hopeful that I would surely get a befitting man to marry me. This came true as I met this young man by name Chris in an occasion in Lagos where I was living with my parents then. The young man was living in America and flew to Nigeria for that occasion. The young man got interested and proposed marriage to me. Read more »

Got A Marriage Proposal From A Man Who Wanted To Rape Me SomeTime Ago

i got-a-marriage-proposal

After reading the story of the lady who shared her story of how she got a marriage proposal from the man who raped her some years ago, this lady equally wrote to share a similar story. Now, these are her very words:

Princevinco, I avoided being gang raped by seven men by applying what you thought us some years ago in a seminar.

You thought us that if we find our self in a position that we may not avoid being raped, that instead of being wounded or killed in the process, that we should rather relax and enjoy the show our self. Read more »

Should I Accept The Marriage Proposal Of A Man Who Raped And Broke My Virginity?

accepting a marriage-proposal

Recently I got this email from a lady about a marriage proposal to her from a man who raped her 10 years ago. This lady needs your advice, please help and drop an advice for this lady. These are her words.

Typical of the village set up is that the people normally go for toilet inside the bush or forest. I am 25 years old but this story is connected with what happened to me 10 years ago in my village. I live in the city with my parents where I was born and grew up.

 Ten years ago, when I was 15 years old and still doing my SS3 then, I left the city and went to visit my grandmother in the village.

While in the village, I went to one of the bush to go for a toilet, but before I could finish the toilet, one young man appeared from nowhere and showed me a gun.

I did not know if that gun was real, fake or a toy gun. All I knew was that the young man threatened to shot and kill me with that gun unless I do what he asked me to do. The young man demanded that I should follow him. Read more »