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For The Singles

Single And Purpose By Pastor Faith Oyedepo

I welcome you to this glorious time in God’s presence. This month, we shall be looking at Single and Purpose. In this segment, I will be sharing on Living a Meaningful Life. The discovery of the reason for your existence is what gives meaning to life. Finding what you are created to do and doing it, will make you a single with value and positive distinction. Man, apart from all other creatures, is a seeker of meaning.  Without it, life feels empty and provides no genuine satisfaction.   Power, wealth, or pleasures are hollow in and of themselves, leading to nothing but a craving for more.  It’s only when they come as natural by-products of our will and passion for creating, for giving,…
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For Ladies Who Sincerely Desire To Marry Soon.

The ultimate heart desire of most ladies is to marry and get settled with the husbands of their dream. Some ladies actualized their marital desire in the year 2016 while some are yet to actualize their desire. As 2016 has come and gone and for you to be alive to see the year 2017 is evidence that God has not finished with you. That is to say that in this year 2017, if you will play your own part, God will surely cause you to smile as He will cause you to enjoy a marital breakthrough actualize your desire. To cause your desire to be actualized this year, you definitely need to play your own part.  The first stepping stone to…
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Why Waste Your Life Over The Issue Of Marriage?

Life is so precious to be wasted like that, so I feel highly disturbed whenever I hear or read about young and promising men and women who wasted their lives by committing suicide over the issue of marriage. It seems that those who waste their lives lack the understanding of who they are and the provision God had made for them. One of the most disturbing was the news of a 17-year-old boy who committed suicide because a 12 years old girl turned or rejected his marriage proposal.

Maximizing Your Single Years.

maximizing your single years

Maximizing Your Single Years by Pastor Faith Oyedepo Dear Reader,The Family is very precious to the heart of God, because from the story of creation in the Bible, everything God created, He spoke into existence. However, when it came to the issue of marriage and family, He didn’t just speak it into being, He was practically involved in instituting it (Genesis 2:18-22). Making God the foundation of your family, therefore, is the first step to its success.Today, via God’s Word, I will take a look at not just the youth, but the unmarried under the topic, ‘Maximizing Your Single Years.’ As a single, life doesn’t have to be full of anxiety in expectation of the day when you will be…
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My Lady, Practical Steps To Actualize Your Dream Of Getting Married Soonest.

practical steps of actualizing your dream of getting married.

The year 2016 is half gone,and within the period, many single ladies had secured their dream life partner and marched to the altar, others are still going to march to the altar these remaining months of the year 2016. As for you, what is your own marital Plan and agenda for the year 2016? In this post, we shall be looking at practical steps ladies who are desirous of marching to the altar soonest should take. You may not marry this year or will be marrying this year because that dream man did not appear or the man appeared, but you failed the test or did not meet up with his taste or the qualities the man desired.

My Lady, Are You Ready To March To The Altar soonest?

Marching to the altar soonest

Ladies who are in their earlier twenties, the issue of marriage may not bother them, but  ladies who  are in their late thirties, some have started or began to worry about the issue of marriage, some even fearing of  never getting married in life. If you ask such ladies, they will tell you that their utmost heart desire is to marry soonest and settle down with the husband of theirs. We shall be looking at what will show we are ready to actualizing your dream of marching to the altar soonest.

Towards Making The Right Choice Of Who To Marry

towards choice of who to marry

Quite often, the success of our marriage to a large extent depends on the type of person we choose as our marriage partner. That is why making the right choice of who to marry is one of the uphill tasks of some young men. Some couples whose marriages had failed, some claimed that the major reason for the failure was because they made the wrong choice of who they married. The above is a pointer to show that the success or failure of our marriage is determined by the choice of the man or woman we married. During marriage seminars, one of the questions that are always on the lips of some young men and eligible bachelors is “how do…
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