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Blessed To Be A Blessing (1) By Pastor Faith Oyedepo

It’s a great privilege to bring God’s Word your way in this wonderful column. This month, I shall be exposing you to the topic: “Blessed to be a Blessing”

It is important for single persons to recognize that life is a privilege and it is nothing but influence your environment. Remember, you live life only once.

Therefore, while you are here, every opportunity to add something positive to everyone must never be allowed to slip by, because you are the light of the World. Read more »

Building Blocks Of Life By Pastor Faith Oyedepo

Happy New Year! I am glad to let you know that there is so much good package for you this year that will positively affect all aspects of your life. I am confident that this year holds many blessings for you.

You will surely experience New Dawn in all the areas you desire, but this will come when you consciously align yourself to this. God is too faithful to fail!

That is why this first month of the year, I will be teaching on Building Blocks of Life. There are certain attributes you need to possess and areas you need to adjust to actualize what God has in store for you this year. Read more »

Getting Ready For A Fulfilled Marriage (2) By Faith Oyedepo

You are welcome to another very interesting time in God’s presence. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year ahead. I began this teaching by showing you the importance of gaining revelation from God’s Word on marriage and acquiring adequate knowledge before you say “I do”.

The truth is: The prescription to dwell according to knowledge in marriage has its source in God (Proverbs 2:6). Hence, this cannot be substituted with anything. Read more »

Getting Ready For A Fulfilled Marriage By Pastor Faith Oyedepo

I congratulate you for seeing the last month in this great year, 2017. Indeed, God has been so faithful and I believe you already have loads of testimonies. Peradventure, you are still expecting a miracle from God;

I decree the speedy manifestation of that testimony today! In this teaching series, we shall focus on this vital topic: Beyond the Altar. I believe this teaching will really pave the way for your marital fulfillment.

As part of the preparations for a wedding ceremony, it is important you have a counselor to groom you through the process of marriage. However, after the exchange of vows on the altar and every other celebration that comes with it, you are left to figure out every other thing by yourself. Read more »

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