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My Dear, How Committed Are You To Your Marriage And Spouse?

Today in our society, marriages rise and fall. If you look at the rate of divorce, you will observe that they are so alarming. One may wonder why couples normally rush to court to end their marriage at any slightest challenge. In reality, one of the major reason why this is so is lack of commitment to one’s marriage and their spouse. So I ask you this personal question, “how committed are you to your marriage and spouse”? The level couples are committed to their marriage determines whether they will succeed in their marriage or not and that will equally determine whether they will enjoy sweet and exciting marriage or not. When we talk about commitment, it means resolve by…
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Do you know that You Too Can Enjoy A Sweet And Exciting Marriage?

  If you look at some couples, you don’t need a prophet to tell you that they are having the best of time in their marriages; they are enjoying sweet and exciting marriages. Other couples, the issue of sweet marriages seem to them a mirage. I went to visit my wife in her office and one woman looked at her and told her that she is enjoying sweet and exciting marriage. I turned and told her that she too can enjoy sweet and exciting marriage. Authoritatively I wish to point out that it is possible “you too can move on and start enjoying sweet and exciting marriage”. Those who are enjoying sweet and exciting marriages are those that they knew…
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Couples and Their Marital Vows.

Looking at some marriages, the pomp and pageantry that followed their marriage wedding, one could not imagine that such marriages could later have an ugly story to tell, that some of these marriages later failed. The fact still remains, one of the reasons why some marriages failed is because couples involved in such marriages forgot or failed to keep their marriage vow. Couples who remember to keep their marriage vow, they never think of divorcing each other. Recently reading the book of Revelation chapter 2:4, the issue Jesus had against the Church of Ephesus was that they had left and forsaken their first love “Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee because thou hast left thy first love”. One of the…
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Dealing With Evil Forces Destroying Marriages.

In our society today, what many people fail to understand is that there are so many things happening in our lives and marriages that go beyond the ordinary. In other words, there are certain forces that are controlling and manipulating certain things in our marriages. So when I said that couples should carry out spiritual check-up, some may tell me that they don’t need it as they say they don’t believe in evil spirits or forces. Yet there are certain things happening in your life and marriage that suggest the presence of evil forces. When an evil spirit or force is present, the spirit may never allow you to enjoy your marital life to the fullness. For instance, I know…
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