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Biblical Principles That Make Marriage Work And Exciting

Listening to late Dr. Myles Monroe of blessed memory speaks on the need to pay attention to manufacturer’s manual I then remembered how I bought an electronic sometime ago. As I plugged the electronic on light, the transformer blows. It was then I looked at the manual and was ashamed to know that that there were a warning and specification that instructed that I should use step down if I am living in certain tropics. I damaged the electronic because I failed to heed the manufacturer’s manual. In the same way, the manufacturer or originator of marriage has a manual which specifically gave the instruction or principles of how marriage should be run to get maximum benefit from it. In…
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Paying The Prize To Enjoy A Sweet And Exciting Marriage.

If you ask an average couple all over the globe, they will tell you that their desire is to enjoy a sweet and exciting marriage. While this is so, many desire to enjoy a sweet and exciting marriage but they are not ready or willing to pay the prize for it. In our society today everything that is of value has a price tag attached to it which includes sweet and exciting marriage. As said, many desire to enjoy their marriage but they are not ready or willing to pay the necessary price for it. To this end, if enjoyment of a sweet and exciting marriage is your desire, couples must necessarily pay the following prize: in the first instance,…
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How To Deal With Causes Of Marriage Failures In Our Society

In our society today, there are lots of marriage failures as divorce cases are on the increase every day. Some of these marriages that had collapsed started very well as your own marriage started very well but later some of the marriages collapsed along the line. Some of the marriages that collapsed, couples involved in such marriages feel that the reason the collapse of their marriages was because they married the wrong person. For the avoidance of doubt, you may not have married the wrong person but you are the wrong person because the success or failure of your marriage depends on you. The major cause of some marriage failure is ignorance on the part of the couples involved. This…
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How to become the happiest couple? by Melissa

You have always wondered how some couples seem to be so in sync and happy? here are some tips on how to become the couple that everyone envies their love and communication skills. Key # 1: tolerance The particularities of each, at first, they are attractive, and most of them are also the source of many conflicts. If you are willing to accept each other’s differences (which is not always easy but still necessary), your couple stand a bigger chance of succeeding! Key # 2: common values Living with someone that is our mirror is neither possible nor desirable. But living with the total opposite increases the risk of disagreement. Between these two extremes, there is a balance which is based…
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