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Transforming Your Marriage As To Enjoy A Better Marriage

Most a time I watch Emmanuel TV, I used to hear Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua say, “Good is not enough, the better is yet to come”. The same is true of our marriages, meaning that no matter how good or bad your marriage is at present, the better is yet to come. In other words, even if you are today enjoying a good and successful marriage, there is still room to move to the next level of enjoying a better marriage. This means that there is still room for you to enjoy a better marriage. So we shall be looking at transforming your marriage as to enjoy a better marriage. However, you can never enjoy a better marriage unless you accept…
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Commitment: The Master Key To Enjoy A Marital Breakthrough

committed to your marriage

In our society, there are many couples who are enjoying their marriage to the fullness; other couples are struggling in their marriage while the marriages of others have crashed ended in divorce. Some of the couples who are not enjoying their marriage at times point accusing fingers on their spouse, accusing him or her of being responsible for the failure of their marriage. While some may think that the reason why their marriage is not successful and exciting is that they married a wrong person. My dear, you may not have married the wrong person, but you may be the wrong person in that marriage. The reason I said so is that the master key to enjoying a successful and…
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8 Reasons Why Couples Who Travel Together Stay Together

couple need to travell together

If you travel frequently with your other half, you might be doing your relationship more good than you realise. Not only is travelling an exciting and fun way to spend time with the person you love, but it’s also healthy for your relationship. Travel can make you stronger, happier and closer in the long run. Many couples feel travel is important for keeping the spark alive but only a large percent have never even been on a romantic getaway. And if you’re looking for a good reason for a couple’s vacation, studies have said that couples who travel together have better sex lives than those who choose not to go away. Experiencing new things with your other half can really…
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7 Ways You Can Keep Marriage Exciting by Evie Carrick

ways you can Keep your marriage exciting

The beginning of a marriage is thrilling and fun. After all, you now have a spouse, which feels so much more significant than having a girlfriend or boyfriend. Like your relationship pre-marriage, your relationship as a married couple will have natural highs and lows. You may experience more nagging and less playfulness, more talks about getting the car fixed and fewer talks about vacation plans. Suddenly, your partner went from being a friend and lover to a co-pilot, and you struggle to keep a marriage exciting. A co-pilot is useful and necessary at times but if that’s all you are to each other then you’re on the fast track to a lackluster marriage. Rediscover the person who made you laugh,…
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