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The True Marks Of A Virtuous Woman

In the books of Proverbs chapter 31 from verse 10, the Bible talked about a virtuous woman and the qualities of a virtuous woman. If you are a woman, it is necessary that you read slowly and as you read, ask yourself whether you possess these qualities of a virtuous woman? It started in verse 10 by saying “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies”. Yes, virtuous women are not common but are hard to find and they are priceless.

For Ladies Who Sincerely Desire To Marry Soon 2.

for ladies who wish to marry soon

This is part 2 and the concluding part of our discourse on the topic “for Ladies Who Sincerely Desire To Marry Soon”. In part one; we looked at what ladies who are sincere and desire to marry should do. Ladies who desire to marry, one other thing they need to do is that they should prove to men that they are available and marriageable. They should realize that men are watching them. As said in part one, it is unfortunate that some ladies who desire to be married are not available or marriageable. One basic thing about marriageable ladies is that they should know how to keep house and also how to cook some delicacies.

My Lady, What Is Your Identity Without Your Makeup?

One problem with some ladies is that they don’t know who they are and lack confidence about who they are. As a result, some uses heavy makeup to hide that of who they really are. One of the counsels I normally give to ladies who I come in contact with one on one, ladies who are struggling to get married, is that they should be original and not a carbon copy. Of a truth, some ladies have no true identity as they have lost their original true identity by trying to be like someone else. Believe it or not, one of the undoings of some ladies is losing their true identity by their trying to imitate the appearance of someone…
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7 Signs That A Lady Is Worthy And Suitable For Marriage

Every eligible bachelor looking for a lady to marry, there are certain signs he is sure to be looking for in a lady that will signal to him that such lady is worthy and suitable for marriage. Obviously, some ladies will surely remain single all their lives because men did not find them worthy and suitable for marriage. So, if it is your heart desire to marry, you must prove to men that you are worthy and suitable for marriage. In this post, we shall be looking at signs that prove to men that a lady is worthy and suitable for marriage. Before we start, I need to correct this misconception about single ladies who at times tell you that they are…
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My Lady, For A Marital Change Of Story, Package Or Repackage Yourself.

my-lady are you a glamorous lady?

This is an obvious fact; the utmost heart desires of most ladies are to get married. Many dreams of seeing this dream come true but their dream seems to be a mirage as men don’t find them fit for marriage. So if you wish to see a marital change of story, you must necessarily do something about your life and person. In other words, you need to package or repackage yourself for a marital change of story. Some ladies are still single because there are a spiritual covering of their beauty, while others, the devil had clothed them with the image of an old woman or ugly women. For some, there is nothing attractive about them and as such, they…
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My Lady, Be A Glamorous Woman Instead Of A Clamorous Woman

the glamorous woman

The Bible in the  book of Proverbs talks about clamorous women. Proverbs 9:13 says “A foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple and knoweth nothing”. While as our society today talks about glamorous women. Being a woman, the question is whether you are a glamorous woman or clamorous woman? According to Encarta Dictionary’s definition, glamorous means 1. Artificially good-looking: dressed or made up to be good-looking, especially in a high-fashion manner. Secondly, it also defined it as an exciting and desirable: desirable, especially in an exciting, stylish, or opulent way. While Thesaurus defined glamorous women as stylish, fashionable, trendy (informal), glitzy, dazzling, splendid, beautiful, desirable, exciting, opulent. As for clamorous women, the same Encarta has three definitions: 1 1 Demanding…
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My Lady, Don’t Blame God, He Is Never Responsible For Your Marital Delay.

are yu my lady?

One lady celebrity was quoted expressly voicing out her frustration and her desperate desire for a husband when she exclaimed “oh! GOD, I need a husband”. I will say boldly that she is not alone, as it is the desperate desire of many ladies to settle down with men in marriage. Many of them had reached the highest pinnacle of their career but they are not happy because they needed to settle down with a husband. It is unfortunate that many of them looked and blamed GOD as if GOD was responsible for their not been married. Of a truth, GOD is never responsible for a lady not been married and will never be responsible. In this write-up, we shall try…
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