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For men desiring to have a successful and exciting marriage.

for men desiring to enjoy successful and exciting marriage

As a married man, how has your marriage fared over the past years? Are you enjoying a stress-free marriage? Is your marriage dragging, boring or exciting?

Whatever be the case or situation currently about your marriage, you can turn that marriage around or improve on it.

If your marriage is not successful, if your marriage is boring and not exciting, I am bold to say that you are responsible and partly to blame.

The reason is that you are not applying correctly the principles that make for exciting marriage.

In another way round, the marriage principles you are applying may be wrong and it may soon crash your marriage if you don’t change them. Read more »

The Kind Of A Man I Will Like To Have As A Husband.

the kind of a man to have as a husband

Whenever there are crises in marriages, couples are quick to point accusing fingers on the man or woman. Some regard their marriage to that man or woman as a mistake.

A lady whose husband has turned to a punching bag recently was shading tears saying, “If I know Mark was like that I won’t have married him”.

So my lady, to avoid shading tears like that lady above, there are certain or major qualities you must consider in accepting the hands of a man in marriage.

These qualities are for ladies who have choices of who to marry. This is because some ladies have no choice as they do grab any man that comes their way for marriage. Read more »

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