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The Ten Types Of Husbands, Let’s Meet Them

In our society today, men may be distinguished into ten types of husbands. Definitely, every man falls into one of them. As long as you are married and are a husband, you fall into one of the categories.

1: The first of such is called Bachelor Husbands: When you meet the bachelor husbands, one distinguishing factor about them is that they do things on their own without consulting their wives. They hang out a lot with friends more than they hang out with their wives and are never serious about marriage life. Read more »

My Dear, To Fulfill Your Destiny You Should In Understanding Be Men.

you should go forknowledge and understanding

The position we are today in our society and in our marital relationship, we are placed there by the level of knowledge and understanding we have.

No wonder Apostle Paul in 1st Corinthians chapter 14:20 admonished, “Brethren, be not children in understanding: howbeit in malice be ye children, but in understanding be men”. KJV

In other words, if we really wish to excel in every area of life endeavors, then we must as a necessity go for knowledge and understanding.

The more we have the understanding on any issue, the more we will excel on that issue. Also the book of proverbs chapter 13 verses 15 “Good understanding gains favor, but the way of the unfaithful is hard”.NKJV Read more »

To Fulfill Your Marital Destiny, Don’t Be Afraid To Get Married 2

you should not be afraid to get married

This is the second part of the series “To Fulfill Marital Destiny, Don’t Be Afraid To Get Married part 2, I hope you have read part one?

If not you need to read part one for a better understanding of this topic. In part one,  TO READ PART ONE, GO HERE:

I pointed out in part one that one of the reasons why some men refuse to get married is fear, fear of the unknown of the future.

Moreover, men who came from broken homes or homes where there are constant quarrels, in fighting or other marital anomalies seems to have this fear inbuilt from their childhood.

They grew up thinking and believing that women are generally bad and tend to scare of marriage.

They are afraid that what they observed their father suffered in the hands of their mother is what they may end up suffering.

This fear may not emanate from home directly but from observation of what happened with the marriage of their parents and neighbors close to them, how they lived their marital lives.

They have observed series of marriage failures, and as such, they grew up with this fear, that what have seen in the marriage of their parents or neighbors they could end up with similar marriage failures as well. Read more »

To Fulfill Your Marital Destiny, Don’t Be Afraid To Get Married.

he has a reason why he was afraid of marriage

If you look around the world over, you will see many overgrown bachelors, men who are over 40 years of age. Many of these men are handsome or even wealthy, yet they are still single and refuse to marry, as such, some find it difficult to fulfill their marital destiny.

I met one such man sometimes ago that was over 40 years old and when I probed into the reason why he was still single at the age of over 40.

Initially he answered that there was nothing wrong with him, when I showered him my website and my articles on marriage he opened up and told me “Man I Am Scared, Am Afraid To Get Married”.

Of a truth, he was not alone as there are many like him who are overgrown bachelor and are still single, they are scared and afraid to get married.

That man has the boldness to declare that the reason why he refused to marry was because he wanted to live long, according to him, women are generally bad and had caused many men to die before their time. Read more »

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