What If You Catch Your Wife Red Handed Cheating On You?

Apart from men, women also indulge in extra marital affairs. Yes, infidelity is one of the major causes of marriage breakdown as most of the couples involved feel betrayed by their spouses who get involved in extra-marital affairs.

The point is that what causes me to leave their wives to engage in extra affairs is what I don’t know. This is because experts tell us that all the women’s body chemistry is the same.

So I wonder why men could leave their wives to go and have affairs with other women. Some take pleasure in going to other men’s wives.

As a man, if you ever cheated on your wife, how do you feel or react if you caught your wife read handed cheating on you?

Yes, it had never happened to you before and I don’t pray that it will happen. However, suppose it should happen, what will be your reaction?

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Men interviewed gave divergence answers of what they will do if they catch their wives cheating on them. Most of the men said that they will kick their wives out of their house and marry another wife.

However, one thing about their answers was that many of them accepted that they had extramarital affairs with other married women themselves. 

They fail to understand that the way they dealt with other married women is the same other men will deal with their own wives.

In other words, you that take pleasure in sleeping with other married women, other men would sleep with your own wives- this is a law of karma. 

So, if you ever cheated on your wife, it will be a great wickedness on your part to kick your wife out of your marriage because you caught her cheating on you.

Just as I told women, men should never allow the issue of infidelity to crash their marriage. Obviously, men are more erratic when they catch their wives cheating on them than women.

As a man, you should analyze why she cheated on you, assuming that you as well have never cheated on her before.

The reason is that she may not have cheated on you willingly or in her rightful mind. An example was this story of a woman, three years into her marriage; the husband lost his job as the manager of a bank. She was left alone to cater for the family.

One day the lady was called to the manager’s office. The manager showed her a list of 5 names including her own name. 

The manager equally informed her that their head office had instructed him to downsize the staff and he will include her name unless she agrees to have affairs with him.

Since the lady didn’t want to lose her job, she succumbed and had affairs with the manager. In that hotel, the man had a video camera that recorded him having affairs with the lady.

With the video, the man used it to blackmail the lady and threatened that he will send the video to her husband if she refuses for affairs again which the lady obliged. The guilt of that lady made her confess the affairs to her husband.

The husband told her that he has forgiven her for confessing that to him. The following day, the manager came again with his threat but the lady told him to go to hell.

The manager in anger forwarded the video to her husband. The husband of that lady took the video to their head office appealing to the management to restrain the manager from further harassment of his wife Sexual.

It turned out that as a result, the manager got fired while they recalled the man to take over as the manager. What I am saying is that your wife may not have cheated on you willingly.

The man in our live story while trying to help his wife got something positive himself.

Moreover, as a man, before you react against your wife assuming you caught her cheating on you, ask yourself if you are responsible for her action. 

This is because your wife needs sexual satisfaction herself as well, so if you left her in the cold while satisfying yourself outside.

It will be an act of wickedness for you to react negatively against her. Rather you should ensure that you are not responsible for cheating on you. 

I said this because as I pointed out, some men think that it is their right to engage in extramarital affairs while as hell will break loose if their wives do the same.

The summary of what I am saying is that if you catch your wife read handed cheating on you, you should not be erratic in taking a negative decision on her but try to find out if she did that in her right mind.

What if she was drugged charmed or another man used unconventional means to control her actions. Ensure also that you are not responsible for her actions. Shalom!

image credit: http://www.asiancemagazine.com/2014/12/21/why-more-women-are-having-extramarital-affairs

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