About Us

About Destiny Moulders: I   am glad for your visit, I hope that before you leave the site that the Almighty GOD will drop for you one or two things that would launch you into a greater glory.

Also, I wish to remind you that we are unique in the way God created us and by redemption, we have an enviable and glorious destiny.

However, in this life, many fail to discover God’s plans and purposes for their lives and as such fail to fulfill their destiny in life.

Moreover, who we are more or less is determined by the quality of information available at our disposal, it is obvious that we can’t rise beyond the knowledge we have.

So this website (Destiny Moulders) therefore is out to help in making a difference in our life and destiny by exploring and trading the divine secrets of what it takes to fulfill destiny by actually helping in the moulding of our destiny via the provision of quality information.

Fulfillment of destiny is thus easier for a well-moulded destiny (those who had encountered with destiny) as compared to a twisted destiny or wasted destiny.

About Princevnco: My name is Vincent, but peers call me  Princevinco. ‘Princevinco’ is a username I used some time ago in a forum but today many have come to know and call me by that name.

Princevinco holds both the Leadership Certificate Course (LCC) and the Leadership Diploma Certificate(LDC) from Winners’ Chapel’s Word Of Faith Bible Institute (WOFBI). These courses had made indelible marks in my Christian life. 

Moreover, Princevinco is a Chartered Accountant by profession and also holds M.B.A in Banking and Finance. As God has given me the inspirations to write, I am glad that my various articles especially articles on marriage and relationships are blessings to multitudes, and it is my joy to be a blessing to you as well.Shalom!.