7 Simple Steps For Building A Crises Free Marriage

In our society today, some marriages are engulfed with many marital crises. Some of these crises grow to the magnitude that it crashes some marriages. Many couples will never enjoy their marriages to the fullness because of these crises.

Most of these crises are man-made because some couples are doing what they ought not to do in their marriage while failing to do what they ought to do or is expected of them in their marriage.

We shall, therefore, be looking at simple steps to follow if you wish to build crises free marriage or rather if you wish to enjoy crises free marriage.

If you wish to build crises free marriage, then first and foremost you should never take your spouse for granted or toy with your marriage relationship: Couples should realize that most crises in a marriage start when you take your spouse for granted.

Couples who take their spouses for granted can do anything in their marriages with reckless abandon, not minding the feelings of their spouse. So, if you wish to enjoy your spouse and marriage to the fullness, then never do things anyhow that gives the impression that you are taking your spouse for granted.

Again, couples should avoid living a suspicious lifestyle: Do you know that suspicion brings about most of the crises in our marriages? Couples, who live a suspicious life, do suspects every move their spouse make. Couples who have a skeleton in their cupboard tend to suspect one another as they live in fear always.

Again, the level you trust your spouse determines the level of love you will show him/her. So if you wish to avoid crises in your marriage, then build a strong trust for each other and don’t live a life of suspicion. That is, don’t do things that could create suspicion in the minds of your spouse.

Moreover, don’t assume but be sure of issues concerning your spouse before you react negatively against such an issue. Many marriages are in crisis today because couples involved made the wrong assumption about the actions of their spouse.

Some equally relate with their spouses on who they assume their spouses to be rather than on who they really are. That breeds crises so try to avoid it.

In addition, couples should also avoid secretive lifestyle: It is a secretive lifestyle that breeds a life of suspicion. Couples who live a creative lifestyle suspect each other because they suspect each other, they don’t trust each other.

Couples who suspect each other, that don’t trust each other will never enjoy their marriage to the fullness as such lifestyle will surely breed crises in their marriage.

One practical way to prove if you are living a secretive lifestyle is the way you use your phone. Can you boldly ask your spouse to answer for you an incoming call on your phone?

There are couples who can’t answer phone calls in the presence of their spouse without arousing suspicion? If you cannot boldly allow your spouse to answer the incoming calls on your phone or you hide to make or answer your calls, then it is evident that you are living a secretive life.

Also, avoid taking major decisions without carrying your spouse along: For instance, there was a story of a woman who bought a plot of land, build 4 blocks of flats and rented them out without the knowledge of her husband. The husband only knew of it when one of the tenants came to him to complain to him of a problem between him and another tenant.

Another man built a duplex, furnished it without the knowledge of his wife. The wife only came to know the day they were packing into the new house. Such action brings mistrust and subsequent crises in marriage.

Couples should also never take a decision by reason of third party’s information without discussing it with their spouse: Major cause of crises in marriage is taking decisions and actions based on information from a third party.

For instance, one woman was heartbroken and devastated when she realized that the information that led to her leaving her husband was a total falsehood. Try to discuss any information with your spouse before you use the information to react or act.

Moreover, couples should avoid third-party interference: Apart from the use of third-party information, couples should avoid third-party interference in their marriage.

Your friends, not even your mother or father should instruct you on how to relate with your spouse. Your parents could advise but not instruct you on issues or matters concerning how you relate with your spouse.

Above all, be committed to your marriage and build a strong love and trust for each other. If you diligently guard against these points mentioned above, you will see that your marriage will be crises free, and you will enjoy your marriage and spouse to the fullness. Shalom.

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