7 Signs That A Lady Is Worthy And Suitable For Marriage

Every eligible bachelor looking for a lady to marry, there are certain signs he is sure to be looking for in a lady that will signal to him that such lady is worthy and suitable for marriage.

Obviously, some ladies will surely remain single all their lives because men did not find them worthy and suitable for marriage.

So, if it is your heart desire to marry, you must prove to men that you are worthy and suitable for marriage. In this post, we shall be looking at signs that prove to men that a lady is worthy and suitable for marriage.

Before we start, I need to correct this misconception about single ladies who at times tell you that they are still searching for men to marry them.

I wish to point out that as a lady; it is never your role or responsibility to search for a man to marry you but that of a man.

The responsibility of a lady is to position and package herself and make herself available and easy for men to find her.

To get a man to marry her, what a lady need to do is package herself and position herself. You read to read the articles I have written about packaging as I don’t need to talk much about it here.

As I said, you need to read the articles I have written on packaging for a better understanding. After packaging yourself very well, you may ask “what do I do to make myself available and suitable for men to find me for marriage”?

The first sign that a lady is worthy and suitable for marriage is submissiveness.You will know a lady who will be submissive by her character. So as a lady, you need to fine tune your character because your character says much about you:

Your beauty notwithstanding, if your character is questionable or is nothing to write home about, then it will be hard for men to accept you for a wife unless men who want to use you as a $ex symbol.

Of a truth, serious and responsible men rank the character of ladies above their beauty. As a lady, one sign that men are looking to see in you is whether you will be submissive which is shown by your character.

Secondly, there are ladies, because they are possessed by spirit husbands, as a result, men will never see them for who they are, that is will never know their true value or their true image.

Such ladies because of the problems of spirit husbands,  the spirit husbands will never allow men to see them as being worthy and suitable for marriage.

As a lady you should ensure that you are free from spirit husband because this issue of spirit husband is responsible or is what is preventing many ladies from getting married:

That is to say, you must deal with the issue of spirit husband if you wish that men find you worthy and suitable for marriage. 

Spirit husband is the reason why you see some ladies, beautiful to behold, highly responsible with a nice family background.

Some are working in a reputable organization with nice pay package yet no man is interested in marrying them. If spirit husband is in your life, your true image or identity may never be revealed.

For instance, a lady recently wrote me with her picture with the following question, “Princevinco am I not beautiful enough, why are men not interested in marrying me?”

I was blunt in my answer as I asked her whether she is sure that she is marriageable. To cut the long story short, after chatting with her on Facebook, I referred her for deliverance.

I wish to testify that after her deliverance, two men showed up and she got married to one of them within six months.

Thirdly, responsible men are looking for responsible ladies for wives. So one way you can prove to men that you are worthy and suitable for marriage is by proving that you are a responsible Lady:

You do that by the way you dress and act. You can’t be dressing like a prostitute and expect responsible men and serious single men to take you seriously.

You need to be responsible in all you do, acting responsibly, dressing responsibly, and talking responsibly.

For instance, recently, a lady in her thirties had a serious physical fight with a bus conductor over ten naira balance.

The lady in question came down from a bus and demanded her ten naira balance, but the bus conductor argued that he has no 10 naira balance to give her.

Before the conductor could finish speaking, the lady held and tore his shirt, the conductor responded by tearing her own gown including her bra.

It was a passerby, another woman who rushed and removed one of the wrappers she was trying and covered the lady after the boy was held. It was a big scene that day.

Now assuming that you are a man that is searching for a wife, will you approach such lady for a wife? To fight over ten Nigeria naira was an act of irresponsibility on the part of that lady.

Another irresponsible action I saw recently was a lady walking and eating corn along a major road with one other corn in her hand.

I could not help it but had to stop my car and confronted the lady telling her that her action was a bad manner that she should go and sit somewhere, finish the corn before continuing her journey.

What about dressing, the type of wear you put on speaks much about your person. So dress responsibly and not like a prostitute which you are not. Remember responsible men are looking for responsible ladies to marry.

You can’t be dressing like a prostitute and expect responsible men to come for you for marriage. It is said, the way you dress is the way you are dressed.

Theses days, some ladies buy and wear designer’s wear that exposes their breasts. 

Such ladies think that by showing men their breasts or cleavages that they could attract men for marriage.

No, responsible men see such ladies as irresponsible ladies. So, as a lady, you should not allow your dressing to betray you. 

Fourthly, another sign that proves a lady worthy and suitable for marriage is her disposition or her first date with a man.

Some ladies by their actions fail their test on the first date. There is this argument on whether it is right or wrong to go to bed with a man on the first date.

I am not here to tell you whether it is right or wrong, Let your conscience be your guide. GOD condemn any $exual relationship that is not with husband and wife.

However, I keep saying it, you are nothing but a cheap article to a man who conquers you on bed easily, how much more on the first date.

In other words, a man accesses your true worth on your first date with him. Unless you pass his assessment, he may never ask for your hands in marriage. You would only be good for friendship but not for marriage.

Fifthly, ladies don’t prove to men that they are worthy and suitable for marriage by throwing themselves on men: 

Of a truth, most ladies are fond of throwing themselves on men. Most a time, some men, after asking some ladies out for dates one or two times, 

The next thing is that some ladies carry their bags to spend a weekend in the man’s house. 

To do that, such men will never make up their mind about marrying you easily.

I wish to point out this bitter truth, it is totally wrong for a lady to carry her bag and go and live with a man who has not proposed marriage to her, even if he has proposed marriage to her.

But that is what most ladies do. A man who has not married or proposed marriage to you, for you to go and live with him, cooking for him and satisfying his $exual desire 

To do such a thing, such men will never make up their mind about marrying you easily.

Moreover, it is said that the gateway to a man’s heart is through his stomach. 

So a lady who knows how to prepare delicacies and as well as keep home is a sure sign that she is worthy and suitable for marriage.

As a lady who wishes that men find her worthy and suitable for marriage, what does it take you from using your spare time or some weekends to go to catering school to learn on how to cook. You will surely be glad you did.

Finally, a lady proves to men that she is worthy and suitable for marriage by being true to herself by maintaining her identity: 

In other words, be original and not copy, carbon copy. Of a truth, most ladies are not proud of who they are.

In other words, you should be original and not copy-carbon. Of a truth, most ladies are not proud of who they are as such, they try to be or look like someone else.

By so doing, they end up destroying their own personal identity or personality while trying to be like somebody else.

Remember that you are a unique person so try to maintain that uniqueness and let men know you for who you are and to find you worthy and suitable for marriage.

Remember I am praying for you, that a man will find you worthy and suitable for marriage. It is not over until it is over. You can still marry this year. Shalom.

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