6 Lifestyles That Cause Delay Or Prevent Some Ladies From Getting Married.

Of a truth, if you ask some ladies their utmost heart desire, they will tell you that it is to get married and settle down. While as it is their heart desire to get married, some of them are living the lifestyle that delays or prevent them from getting married.

In this post, we shall be looking at some of these characters and lifestyle. The essence is that as a lady if you are involved, you should positively change if you are to get married.

In the first instance, one of the lifestyles that most ladies are guilty of is dating and Relating with older men for monetary gain: This is a fact especially in this part of the world, some ladies for the sake of monetary gains, are found dating and relating with far older men than them.

It can be observed that some of these men are in a position to be their father even their grandfather, all for the sake of receiving monetary gains (financial gains). Single men and potential husbands are seeing this.

Since these men are not in a position to marry them, the men end up using and dumping these ladies like worthless rags at the end. At the same time, these ladies have equally lost out of opportunities of getting married to younger men and potential husbands.

Secondly, some ladies are known to be dating and relating with married men, trying to snatch them from their wives: Yes this is true, some ladies, instead of waiting for their own husbands and dating and relating with young men and potential husbands; such ladies are busy dating and relating with married men, men who at the end of the day would never marry them.

This is a fact since those men would never marry them, their youthful and marriageable age get wasted in the process as they are later dumped by these men. You should, therefore, consider the man you are currently relating with, what the marital future holds for you.

Another lifestyle of ladies is Poor packaging (dressing): Also some ladies, the way they package themselves especially their dressing, they are fond of dressing so irresponsible that you wonder if actually, such ladies will ever get responsible men to marry them. Since this saying is true, “the way you dress is the way you are addressed.”

In other words, when a lady is fond of dressing like a prostitute, responsible men and potential husbands will equally mistake her for a prostitute and get scared away about marriage. You should never dress like a prostitute in the name of fashion unless you are a prostitute in the real sense.

In another development, there are ladies mostly among religious cycles; many of them in the name of spirituality are fond of dressing so shabbily that they look far older than their age. Learn to dress well and moderately, not too expensive and not too shabbily.

Again it is known fact that some ladies, their own problem is Pride: Some ladies, either because of their family background or their personal achievements are so proud that they throw respecting other young men to the wind.

In other words, they have no iota of respect for men; these ladies feel on top of the world and so domineering that those young men tend to be scared talking about marriage with them. Learn to respect yourself and others so that men will find you suitable for marriage.

Moreover, some ladies possess Nasty character: Apart from pride, some ladies have nasty character and as such they are unapproachable. In as much as they are unapproachable because of their character, potential husbands get scared away and will never come close as to say “I want to marry you”.

Are you sure that you don’t possess nasty and scary character? If not, why are men who come close to you never propose marriage? One conspicuous lifestyle some ladies display is posting their nude pictures on the net.

Lastly, some ladies display dubious and false lifestyle: Also some ladies are living dubious and false lifestyle. Their lifestyle is what I call love peddling. Such ladies can switch to another man even while on a date and they live in falsehood all the time.

In fact, they can’t be trusted as there is no element of truth in their mouth. That is the reason why one of such lady I know, who never saw the four walls of the university yet she went about parading herself as a graduate.

There are many other lifestyles that some ladies display that will never allow men to seek for their hands in marriage. What do you think? Can you help by mentioning more of these lifestyles ladies are living that turn to hunt them?

Hoping to come your way again, as a lady, never join to live such lifestyle if you want men to seek for your hands in marriage. Shalom.


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