4 (Four) Things You Most Avoid That Crash Marriages.

In our society today, couples marry each other for one reason or the other. The majority of ladies marry men because of their wealth while some men marry some ladies because of their beauty.

For other men and women, they marry because they love each other. It is a known fact, love is the oil that lubricates every marriage and keeps it going no matter the storms in that marriage. However, any marriages in which love is lacking or is absent, such marriage hardly survives.

Irrespective of what influenced you’re marrying each other, there are basically four things or issues you must avoid that crash marriages very easily. The first of the four issues is the beating of his wife by a man.

They call the above various names such as domestic violence or wife battering. No matter the name it is called, as a man, the day you raise your hand to beat or slap your wife, that day, something leaves your marriage.

That thing that leaves your marriage is the hedge over your marriage. Not only that something leaves your marriage but something negative equally enters. You should realize that once the hedge over your marriage is broken allowing a negative spirit to enter.

It is this negative spirit that enters a marriage that influences a man from that day to raise his fist to hit or beat his wife without feeling it. As a man, the day you raise your hands against your wife, the love you have for her get poisoned add vanishes away.

An example is a current case in the news, the case about Mercy Aigbe. It is reported that that the husband of Mercy Aigbe, Mr.Lanre Gentry has turned Mercy into a punching bag. Please see http://www.gistmania.com/talk/topic,330662.0.html.

The second thing you should totally avoid as a woman is to open your mouth to abuse your husband. Like a man beating his wife, the day you open your mouth to abuse your husband, the love and respect you have for him get poisoned and vanishes away and never to return.

As I said earlier, the first day you open your mouth to abuse your husband, something leaves your marriage, the hedge is broken and a negative spirit enters your marriage. It is that negative spirit that influences a woman to open her mouth to abuse her husband without feeling it.

The third thing you should avoid is infidelity of any sort. That is to say, as a woman, the day you open your laps and allow another man to climb and deposits fluid inside of you.

From that day you do it, something dies inside of you and your glory is taken away from you. Your marriage equally dies from that day. If you are sincere to yourself, you will see that you feel empty from that day. Because something has gone out of you, you will see that you will start doing it without feeling any guilt.

Spiritually, the day you allow another man, not your husband to deposit fluid and it mixes with your own, you become one body with that man and has attracted whatever curse existing in that second man’s family to come into the family of your present husband.

Some feel that since they were not caught, that everything is ok. It is not true unless you confess the matter to your husband and get him to forgive you. But how many women can have the boldness to confess such matters?

The same way, as a man, the day you mount and woman and deposits fluid inside her, that day, something or your glory are taken away from you. Some men whose business were flourishing but suddenly crashes, some don’t know that the result of selling their glory on the laps of another woman.

Of a truth, if men and women should know the deep thing they lose by engaging in extramarital affairs with another man or woman, they will never think of doing it.

The next is allowing a third party to come in between your marriage. Third party interferences crash marriages very easily. Third party interference may be your father or mother. That is a man or woman relating more with their parents and getting instructions of how to relate with your spouse from them.

Third party interferences may be from relying (trusting) on a friend and getting advice from him or her. For instance, a woman once received advice from her friend that she should make a demand of a certain amount of money from her husband before she allows him to have $ex with her.

The woman implemented the advice and her husband beat a hell out of her which was how battering got into that family. Also, third party interference is from allowing one’s mistress as the case with Mercy Aigbe. See http://www.gistmania.com/talk/topic,330663.0.html

Now that you or both of you are guilty of any of the three things mentioned and had brought curses into your marriage. I wish to tell you that there is a solution or remedy available.

However, the remedy must involve both of you as you have to agree and resolve that both of you shall never repeat such thing again. If two of you agree to start afresh, all that it takes is to enter into a new marriage covenant or vows.

The way it is done is to get brand new rings and appear before an anointed man of God with your wife, preferably before a deliverance minister. Let the minister know that you have come to renew your marriage covenant or vows.

That man of God knows the next thing to do as he will lead both of you to make a general confession such as this, “Lord, whatever things we have done that broke our marriage covenant or vow, please we confess and please forgive us as we forgive each other or one another.

After confession and have forgiven each other from your heart, the next is a prayer to renew the covenant or vow. Both of you can make a prayer like this,” Lord, having forgiven each other of thing that may have broken our marriage vow or covenant, we hereby from today or that day renew our marriage vow or covenant.

I assure you that if both of you will be sincere with the confession and prayer; your marriage will be renewed and will take off fresh as the first day you got married. Will both of you be ready and willing to renew your marriage covenant or vow?

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