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To Fulfill Destiny, Apply Your Heart To Instructions

you need to receive-instructions- and guide

To fulfill our destiny, the book of proverbs told us that we should  “apply our heart to instructions, and our ears to words of knowledge”. Proverbs 23:12 Also, the bible in Hebrew 6:12 gave us a solemn advice,” That ye be not slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises”. Yes, the verse as seen above summarizes what we should do if we wish to succeed in every area of our…
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Got A Marriage Proposal From A Man Who Wanted To Rape Me SomeTime Ago

i got-a-marriage-proposal

After reading the story of the lady who shared her story of how she got a marriage proposal from the man who raped her some years ago, this lady equally wrote to share a similar story. Now these are her very words: Princevinco, I avoided being gang raped by seven men by applying what you thought us some years ago in a seminar. You thought us that if we find our self in a position…
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Should I Accept The Marriage Proposal Of A Man Who Raped And Broke My Virginity?

accepting a marriage-proposal

Recently I got this email from a lady about a marriage proposal to her from a man who raped her 10 years ago. This lady needs your advice, please help and drop an advice for this lady. These are her words. Typical of the village set up is that the people normally go for toilet inside the bush or forest. I am 25 years old but this story is connected with what happened to me…
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Woman, You Need To Compliment Your Husband Rather Than compete with Him.


This a known fact, one of the major reason why some marriages are crumbling and falling apart is because some women  refused to follow God’s blueprint to compliment their husband rather than compete with him. This they must do if they wish to enjoy a successful and exciting marriage, principles that make marriages to work. As long as they fail to follow the principles that make for a successful and exciting marriage, their own marriages…
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Elderly woman sues own children for failing to take care of her

illustration of the picture of an elderly woman

An elderly woman in China, dragged her children to court because they failed to take care of her. The 73-year-old woman of Pengzhou, who was not identified, told a court that her four children abandoned her and refused to give her money or take care of her needs. The woman demanded to live with her oldest son and his family. She asked him to give her a place to stay and to give her 66…
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To Enjoy A Successful And Exciting Relationship, Pay The Prize

to enjoy a successful and exciting relationship

This is an obvious fact; we all desire to enjoy a successful and exciting relationship whether we are single or married. But the problem with some folks is that they desire and wish to enjoy a sweet and successful relationship at no cost that is no prize. In other words, they desire that their partners to do things that will make them happy and fulfilled but they are not bothered themselves are doing things that…
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A Cheating Wife Kills Her Husband Because She Was Fed Up With Him Getting Involved In Her Love Life With Her Boyfriend


A woman in South Africa, killed her husband after he wanted to know too much about her love life with her boyfriend. The 45-year-old man’s sister said that her brother stayed with his wife despite knowing that she was cheating on him. The couple raised their children together in Johannesburg, and the woman would often leave her husband to care for the kids while she went to her lover’s home. “They would fight in front…
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