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Ways Of Curbing Domestic Violence In Our Society

In our society today, the issue of domestic violence is the order of the day and so rampant that you wonder what is happening to our marriages? According to la Casa, Inc, “Domestic Violence is a pattern of behavior which establishes power and control over another person through fear and intimidation, often including the threat of violence”. Not all domestic violence is physical. It can be emotional abuse, economic abuse, sexual abuse, threats, using male privilege, intimidation, isolation, and a variety of other behaviors used to maintain fear, intimidation, and power. Domestic Violence is often called Spousal Abuse, Woman Battering, and Wife Bashing. La Casa, Inc further said, “We believe domestic violence and abuse can be overcome. We believe…
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The Joy And Great Benefits Of Walking With God

In this life, God expects that we should apart from working for Him that most importantly we should walk with him. This is so because there are some who are working for God but are not walking with God. It is only when we walk with God that we can reach our destination even against all odds. There are great men and women of God who at one time or the other were doing exploits for the kingdom but later they lost out because they left walking with God. It was said of Noah in Genesis 6:8-9 “But Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD. These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect…
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How Do I Tell My Son That His Biological Father Is My Elder Brother?

I got this mail recently from a woman and I am publishing it with her permission requesting that you offer her your advice. Here goes her letter: Princevinco, my name is Ogechukwu and I am writing to say that I am in a deep mess and wish that you help by offering me your advice of what to do to come out of this mess, the mistake I made thirteen years ago. While growing up as a young girl I was hopeful that I would surely get a befitting man to marry me. This came true as I met this young man by name Chris in an occasion in Lagos where I was living with my parents then. The young…
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Are You An Alpha Wife? By Ijeoma Igwesi

Hello, my fellow mother and wife, kindly help to answer the above question sincerely. Speak the truth as much as it lies within you and out of what you know about yourself. By the way, who is an alpha wife or how do you know one when you meet her? Good question! I will answer that by listing some of the attributes or characteristics of an alpha wife as follows: 1. She is always out doing something, aiming at an outlandish achievement, no matter whose ox is gored. She stops at nothing to ensure she achieves her objective. 2. She is comfortable only when she is in charge in the home. 3. She takes the lead in family discussions and…
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Reasons Why Some Marriages May Never Survive But Crash.

Reasons why Marriages crash

Our society today, marriages rises and falls as packs of cards. Some of the couples, they started their marriage with deep and sincere love; they were like Romeo and Juliet. However, some terrible things happen along the way that resulting in the crack and eventual crash of their marriage. When you consider that some of these couples started well and their marriages celebrated when they started. Looking at the above, every couple should be very careful because if such marriages could crash and collapse, our own marriages could as well collapse if we allow what crashed such marriages in our marriage. If you look at some couples and the celebration that followed their marriages, you feel shocked to hear that…
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4 (Four) Things You Most Avoid That Crash Marriages.

In our society today, couples marry each other for one reason or the other. The majority of ladies marry men because of their wealth while some men marry some ladies because of their beauty. For other men and women, they marry because they love each other. It is a known fact, love is the oil that lubricates every marriage and keeps it going no matter the storms in that marriage. However, any marriages in which love is lacking or is absent, such marriage hardly survives. Irrespective of what influenced you’re marrying each other, there are basically four things or issues you must avoid that crash marriages very easily. The first of the four issues is the beating of his wife…
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