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My Dear, How Committed Are You To Your Marriage And Spouse?

Today in our society, marriages rise and fall. If you look at the rate of divorce, you will observe that they are so alarming. One may wonder why couples normally rush to court to end their marriage at any slightest challenge. In reality, one of the major reason why this is so is lack of commitment to one’s marriage and their spouse. So I ask you this personal question, “how committed are you to your marriage and spouse”? The level couples are committed to their marriage determines whether they will succeed in their marriage or not and that will equally determine whether they will enjoy sweet and exciting marriage or not. When we talk about commitment, it means resolve by…
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Marriage Commitments: The Real Thing That Makes Your Marriage To Work

Recently, one man was telling me that he has done everything possible but he could not understand why his marriage was not working? Of a truth, the man is not alone as there are many whose marriages are not working even though they were trying hard. I was quick to point out to him that for his marriage to work that he must sincerely work on his marriage for it to work. Working on your marriage means to be ready and willing to pay the necessary prize of doing the right thing in their marriage. In other words, some couples, the failure of their marriages are as a result of doing the wrong things in their marriages. That is to…
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Mother Who Shot Daughter’s 3 Rapists And Killed 1 Released From Jail And Will Not Be Prosecuted

A community is celebrating after prosecutors announced their decision to drop all charges against a mother who shot three rapists in self-defense. The mother of South Africa was arrested after she killed a man and wounded two others while they were raping her daughter. The woman had been charged with murder and attempted murder while the two men who survived the gunshot wounds, were charged with rape. After pressure from the public, the National Prosecuting Authority of South Africa (NPA), dropped the charges against the mother. According to the police report, the woman, who has not been named, said that she heard her 27-year-old daughter screaming for help. The cries were coming from an abandoned home. As she went inside,…
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Dealing With Common Marital Problems Plaguing Our Marriages

This is the first part of the series “Dealing with common marital problems plaguing our marriages”. Today, we shall be looking at two of the most common but most grievous of all the common marital problems. As we deal with them, your own common marital problems will be over in Jesus name. As said, there are some common marital problems plaguing our marriages, bringing it to its knee, some marriages had been broken and crushed by them. These problems are so common in our marriages, but they are grievous and had crashed many marriages and is still crashing marriages. But because these problems are so rampant in our society, they are classified as common marital problems. We will look at…
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