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What A Miracle, 10-Year-Old Girl Rescued From Italy Earth Quake Rubble After 17hrs

the rescue of 10 years old girl rescue

It was a miracle rescue as this 10- years old girl was rescued from Italy earth quake which took 17 hours of rescue operation. The survival of this 10- years old little girl is a true evidence that our life is not in the hand of anybody and only GOD determines when our lives will end. And when God says yes, no man can say no. Yes, it took 17 hours and several firefighters to rescue a 10-year-old, Giulia, was from the rubble alive today after an earthquake struck central…
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$ex Is For Your Marital Enjoyment And Should Not Destroy Your Marriage

The issue of $ex should not destroy your marriage

A look at  the world over today, you will observe that many marriages are collapsing; many of them are ending in divorce. A closer look at the cause of failures, one will observe that many of the causes are the result of issues relating to $ex in marriage. Couples who really wish to enjoy a successful and exciting marriage, they should try to avoid allowing the issue of $ex to destroy their marriage. As said, the issue relating to marital $ex is what had crashed and is still crashing many marriages. In…
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After Your Entertainment, What Comes Next?

what next after your entertainment?

Recently a lady sent me an email in which she was accusing me or rather pointing to the fact that my website was not entertaining, and that she didn’t know why she keeps visiting the sites. At the time,another lady wrote thanking me for sharing the very important truth. According to the second lady, what I shared was a bitter truth but they helped her a lot. According to the second lady, what I shared was a bitter truth but they helped her a lot after implementing my suggestions because her…
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To Fulfill Your Marital Destiny, Don’t Be Afraid To Get Married. 2

you should not be afraid to get married

This is the second part of the series “To Fulfill Marital Destiny, Don’t Be Afraid To Get Married part 2, I hope you have read part one? If not you need to read part one for a better understanding of this topic. In part one,  TO READ PART ONE, GO HERE:I pointed out in part one that one of the reasons why some men refuse to get married is fear, fear of the unknown of the future. Moreover, men who came from broken homes or homes where there are constant quarrels, in…
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Engaging the Breakthrough Power of the Word!

engaging the breakthrough-power-of-the-word

Engaging the Breakthrough Power of the Word! By David O. Oyedepo   In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not anything made that was made (John 1:1-3).   According to scriptures, all that God is is all that His Word is. That is, anything that cannot stop God, can’t stop His Word from having its way. For instance, God is the Creator…
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To Fulfill Your Marital Destiny, Don’t Be Afraid To Get Married.

he has a reason why he was afraid of marriage

If you look around the world over, you will see many overgrown bachelors, men who are over 40 years of age. Many of these men are handsome or even wealthy, yet they are still single and refuse to marry, as such, some find it difficult to fulfill their marital destiny. I met one such man sometimes ago that was over 40 years old and when I probed into the reason why he was still single at the age of over 40, initially he answered that there was nothing wrong with…
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Commitment: The Master Key To Enjoy Marital Bliss Or Exciting Marriage

be committed to your marriage

While we were growing up and before we got married, we were all expectant and dream of enjoying a marital bliss and exciting as well as  exciting marriage. But in reality, there are many who are enjoying their marriage to the fullness while some couples, their marriages are awful failures. Some had ended their marriage while others are still managing to hold on and thus are enduring their marriage instead of enjoying it. When you look at various marriages, you will see that what is making the difference is the…
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