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The 4 Questions Ladies Who Wish And Desire To Marry Very Soon Should Ask And Answer.

the 4 questions ladies should ask

In our society today, some ladies, if you ask them their utmost heart desire, they will tell you that their desire is to marry soonest and settle down with the husband of theirs. For some of the ladies in their late twenties and early thirties, worries have started to set in their mind as they are afraid if they will ever get married in life? They wish to know what to do to get married soonest as to settle down in marriage. In other words, one of the reasons why you are still single, reasons you are yet to marry or get a man to marry you is because you don’t know what it takes to get a man say…
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6 Lifestyles That Cause Delay Or Prevent Some Ladies From Getting Married.

Of a truth, if you ask some ladies their utmost heart desire, they will tell you that it is to get married and settle down. While as it is their heart desire to get married, some of them are living the lifestyle that delays or prevent them from getting married. In this post, we shall be looking at some of these characters and lifestyle. The essence is that as a lady if you are involved, you should positively change if you are to get married. In the first instance, one of the lifestyles that most ladies are guilty of is dating and Relating with older men for monetary gain: This is a fact especially in this part of the world,…
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The 6 Types Of Marriages That Are Likely To Fail

A young man and a lady came to see me yesterday to inform me that they are getting married. As I looked at them, I could see them bobbling with enthusiasm. They are bubbling with enthusiasm because they have high hopes and are full of expectations. Yes, this is an obvious fact “we all entered marriage relationships with high hope of having a happy and exciting marriage”. But in reality, while some are enjoying their marriages to the fullness, while some marriages are dragging; some have collapsed while greater numbers are on the verge of collapse. The point is that if couples knew what they ought to know about marriage and as well apply the correct principles that make for…
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4 Basic Marriage Principles Couples Should Never Toil With.

The world over, there are couples who are enjoying their marriages to the fullness; other couples are enduring their marriages while other couples marriages are in crises and at the verge of failure. The state of marriage of couples is determined by the working knowledge of the principles that make for a successful marriage that couples have, accept and apply in their marriage relationship. Yes, this is a known fact; the world is ruled by secrets as those who know and apply those secrets in their various life endeavors rule their world in such areas. So if you lack the knowledge of principle that makes for successful marriage, your marriage will surely fail In other words, there are men and…
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