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Toward Building A Strong And Exciting Marriage

toward building a strong and exciting marriage

Every day marriages rise and fall. So have you ever given a thought about the causes of the failure of these marriages? Moreover, have you ever given a thought that if you are not careful that your own marriage could fail? You should reflect on the possibility that you could wake up one day and find out that the seed for the failure of your own marriage had been sown. Looking at what I said above, is the gospel truth, our society today are full of marriages that are in crises, marriages that had failed, many of these marriages ended in divorce and some are about to go for divorce. You should think and reflect about these marriages, couples who…
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2017, My Year Of Total Marital Breakthrough And Turnaround

Your marriage how had it fared last years? I am asking this question because there are many whose marriages crashed in the year 2016. Some, their marriages were almost on the verge of collapse even though they managed to hold on to their marriages. However, there are couples who enjoyed their marriage to the fullness in the year 2016. I wish to point out that no matter how your marriage had fared in 2016, you can have a total marital breakthrough and turnaround this year 2017. Because the key to enjoying a marital breakthrough and turnaround is in your hands, you are therefore the one that determinant if whether you will enjoy a marital breakthrough or not. There was this…
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5 Things Every Girl Needs to Know About Love by Debra Fileta

There are so many things I wish I would have known as a single woman; so many things I wish someone could have told me. When it came to relationships with guys, there are so many things I didn’t know. I often struggled with understanding my value and my worth, and my identity was far from established. If I had the knowledge that I have now and the perspective I’ve acquired, it would have saved me a lot of heartache and grief along the way. As a relationship counselor, author, wife, and mother- there are so many lessons I’ve learned along the way. Here are some of the things I’ve learned, that I wish someone would have told me: 1….
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Revenge For Sleeping With His Daughter, A Man Chops Off 15-Year-Old Boy’s Manhood And Gouges Out His Eyes

A teenager was tortured and became disabled after he allegedly slept with a teenage girl. The girl’s father was furious after he believed that his daughter had sex with another teenager before she was married so he took revenge against the boy. The father of Lahore, Pakistan, cut off the 15-year-old boy’s manhood and gouged out his eyes. According to police, the girl’s father and his three accomplices kidnapped the victim from his school and they drove him to a deserted place near the Ravi River. There they cut off his manhood and gouged out his eyes as revenge, and then fled. The teenager was found bleeding profusely by a passerby. He was taken to the Jinnah Hospital Doctors were…
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Simple steps to safe guard and turn your marriage around.

How is your marriage relationship? Of a truth, some marriages are so boring, some are engulfed in crises while some couples are enjoying their marriages to the fullness, enjoying an exciting marriage. What is the state of your own marriage? Even if your marriage is in shambles, even if you are contemplating a divorce, please hold on, you can turn around that marriage for the better. In this article, we shall be discussing simple steps to safeguard and turn your marriage around. The number one and foremost step is to correct if not change the mindset and the wrong impression you have about your spouse. Take, for instance, one Pastor Chidiebere Makua of Winners chapel in one of his message…
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Mental Toughness: The Secret To Success

Have you ever wished you had a super power? Something that can make you special or better than everyone else? To have a mental toughness that will give you the secret to success? Of course, almost everyone wishes, in one way or another, to have some secret potential to unlock. Well, what if I told you that all your superhero dreams of unlimited power, potential, and unmatched skills are completely attainable? Now, you might probably be thinking that this is another cheesy scam. Well, it’s not. I’m not trying to sell anything either. I am trying to tell you the simple yet spectacular secret to success: mental toughness. You may have probably heard of this before many times, but let me…
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10 Qualities That Make You A Fierce Gentleman By Drew Long

How would you know a Fierce Gentleman walking down the street, and how would you tell him apart from just another Joe Schmoe (excuse me — a Man who has not yet come to the realization that the current global situation was calling him urgently to become a Fierce Gentleman)? Below is the sure-fire ways to tell if the guy you’re seeing is, in fact, a Fierce Gentleman: the ten characteristics that set the F.G. apart from other blokes. He takes care of his physical appearance & style. No matter what industry he is in, or what his station in life, the Fierce Gentleman is dressed for success every day. He takes no days off from excellence, and this is…
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