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Building A Strong, Healthy And Successful Relationships

Whether single or married, there is a need to build a strong and successful relationship. If you are still single, it is a strong, healthy and successful relationship that you build which could eventually lead to marriage.  If you are married already, you can build a strong and healthy marriage relationship that could result in you’re enjoying your marriage to the fullness. To build a strong, healthy and successful relationship, the two people involved in that relationship must be consciously and committed to building that relationship to be strong, healthy and successful. It is the level of the commitment of the two that will determine if the relationship will be strong, healthy and successful or not. It is the level of…
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Commitment: The Master Key To Enjoy A Marital Breakthrough

committed to your marriage

In our society, there are many couples who are enjoying their marriage to the fullness; other couples are struggling in their marriage while the marriages of others have crashed ended in divorce. Some of the couples who are not enjoying their marriage at times point accusing fingers on their spouse, accusing him or her of being responsible for the failure of their marriage. While some may think that the reason why their marriage is not successful and exciting is that they married a wrong person. My dear, you may not have married the wrong person, but you may be the wrong person in that marriage. The reason I said so is that the master key to enjoying a successful and…
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8 Reasons Why Couples Who Travel Together Stay Together

couple need to travell together

If you travel frequently with your other half, you might be doing your relationship more good than you realise. Not only is travelling an exciting and fun way to spend time with the person you love, but it’s also healthy for your relationship. Travel can make you stronger, happier and closer in the long run. Many couples feel travel is important for keeping the spark alive but only a large percent have never even been on a romantic getaway. And if you’re looking for a good reason for a couple’s vacation, studies have said that couples who travel together have better sex lives than those who choose not to go away. Experiencing new things with your other half can really…
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The ultimate foundation for a successful life By Sam Adeyemi

All buildings have foundations which enable them to stand strong through the ages. The foundation on which your success is built on matters because, whether we like it or not, trials will come and threaten to shake our success. However, with the right foundation, we’ll always overcome. What is the foundation for the Success Code? Foundation is your nature (who you are). Your nature will always determine your future. In John 3 – there is a conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus about being born again. Jesus said, “I tell you the truth unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God.” This conversation was about our nature – our inner man, our spirit man. If we do…
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